June 22nd, 2010

An Almost-Forgotten Project

Right away, before I say anything else, I have this to show off today. As the picture details say, there was close to a month where I didn't touch DeSmuME at all because I was stuck on just one puzzle (number 297), but then I decided to pick it up again because I owed it to myself to finish, and in the past few days have noticed I'm finding the advanced logic stuff easier. Most notably when there's an [8] and a [1] no more than two squares apart, or with a [4] and [1] right next to each other, and so on. Brute force still does have its place, because that's what I resort to after I've exhausted all the clues, but by then it's a bit easier because the puzzle's mostly solved except for small chunks scattered about, and it's much easier guessing to solve such a group than it is blindly forcing my way through the entire puzzle <3

Now onto other matters, I went to Staples today for paper and a pencil. Not a pen, because I'd like to be able to erase any mistakes instead of crossing them out. First though I went to the new Shoppers to get deodorant, but left having walked through all the aisles where you'd expect it to be having found nothing. Yeah. It also felt empty somehow, but at any rate, after that I went to Staples. Found the pencils pretty quickly, and settled on a package of two of the mechanical ones as well as three little containers of lead refills since those came in packages of 3. Note that I'd picked up the 0.7mm size instead of 0.5, because I don't want it to be breaking off halfway through a sentence. Instead of going up to the checkout right then and there, however, I pulled a package containing one of the same pencils but with 0.5mm lead, to see how much thinner they were compared to the .2 millimeter larger size. Somehow in so doing I ended up putting the pencils I wanted to get back on the peg, and went over to peruse the notebooks, before going up to the checkout. Did the cashier say anything about having the wrong-sized lead for the pencils I was buying? No. She certainly seemed cheerful, but she only scanned my items, gave me my change, and bid me a good day before moving on to help the next customer. Only after getting home did I notice my mistake, so yeah. I'm going back tomorrow to hopefully just exchange them, but I have a second reason now too.

Walking out of Staples, I reached down into my pocket for my PSP remote to unpause the music I'd been listening to. Cue it starting to play properly through the earphone in my right ear, but cutting out every other step in the other. At first I thought "Oh, maybe the little hole is just plugged with wax", so I unplugged it, and that seemed to work for a whole thirty seconds, louder than before which was cool, and then sound ceased to come through that one entirely. So I'm going back tomorrow, to not only exchange those pencils, but also to look for a new pair of earphones. Fine timing especially, because just yesterday night I was thinking about how I've had that pair for quite a while with no lasting problems to speak of. Unfortunately, that means the money I had left over from supper (the total was only ~$165) will be going towards those instead of being put back into my account, but I suppose it makes sense. Otherwise, I'd just wait until our next pay and go out there to spend that money anyways.

The good thing about all of that is I didn't go out for snacks tonight (I literally could not think of anything I really wanted to get), and might not tomorrow either depending on my remaining balance. Supper at Boston Pizza was good, but extremely filling, especially with the cake at home, so I should probably not be too concerned with having candies to snack on just yet. More immediately, I have some new music (by Rhapsody) to tag before going to bed, or I may just lay down now and leave that until tomorrow. Shouldn't take too long thanks to MP3tag, but I don't need it until Wednesday, and that's only so George and I can have some new music to listen to at work instead of the same few albums I've cycled through during our other shifts. No need to hurry~