June 23rd, 2010

Fun Things Always Wait

Pity it's so early, because I'm rather enjoying this. Writing out the complete plot as I'd like it of this story I'm commissioning, so the author has a better idea of what to write, and so I can also stop jumping back and forth to different details and always changing something or another. I'd copy what I have written so far to this, but it's a bit long, and I'd rather wait until the actual story is done. Speaking of finishing it though, I believe I may have to take them up on their offer to, for an extra $10, have it printed as a hardcover book with Blurb and sent out <3 Only difficulty there is that I'd need a picture for the cover, but with any luck I can find an auction on Furbid that'll work for that <3 Truth be told I still have three art commissions on the go, and haven't seen so much as a sketch from one of the artists, but what's to say they'd finish the picture in time to have it used for a book cover if we're at such a wait already with no tangible progress? Nothing, that's what.

Getting back on topic, I could very well stay up until I finish, but I'm tired and have a headache from things today, so probably not. I'll at least make up a point-form list of events and things that need to happen between now and the end though. It's also fun how this is the one of the few truly interesting things I've done today. The reason I have a headache is because of all the time I spent doing unusual things, but instead of trying to list them in a different order, I'll go by what happened when. First of all, Michele needed me to come in for an hour, as there was some more P2P stuff to do that's come in since I was last there, and having it done by tomorrow will help her get higher marks on some office review. Before going there though, I asked Mom for a ride out to Staples so I wouldn't be late getting to Heart and Stroke, and out there both exchanged my pencils, and bought a new pair of earphones. Only ~$35, so that's fair, and it still left me with plenty of money to put on my Visa. Work at Heart and Stroke was fairly easy, and only took me half an hour, but I also spent a bit of time listening to Michele tell the story of the accident at Big Bike involving a lady who somehow hit the bike, and also how she isn't not giving Tryphena office work to do because she doesn't like her, but because it's summer and the only thing that really needs to be done is answer the phones, which her Mom and Marg, if not a couple other volunteers already have well under control.

The rest of the night since then has been a mess of eating way too much food, making bread (two loaves for whoever wants them here, and one for Dad as a late Fathers' Day gift), washing dishes once at ~8, and again at ~3 in the morning to clean the ones I'd used for bread, and after that, Pic Pic, watching the entire fifth season of Rugrats, and just now, writing out the plot for my story commission. Truly, not spending a certain amount of time in my room each day has negative consequences, although in the same vein I'm also looking forward to work tomorrow so I can do something other than sitting here feeling much too uncomfortable for what it's supposed to be like outside. Will it be busy? Yes, for sure, but busy or not, three days off in a row has been plenty for a couple weeks. I still have Thursday off as well, but given that I have only ~$25 to spare between now and our next pay, it'll probably be a normal day. Normal in the sense that I won't leave my room except to get breakfast, supper, and go to the bathroom, but before then I want some sleep, as I can barely keep my eyes open.

Perhaps tomorrow I won't leave this until the last minute and sound more coherent as a result. I like these entries, but they're a little too disorganized for me these days~