June 26th, 2010

So Much, Yet So Little

I love this feeling of the night having been productive despite doing so little with it. I got home around 1, rested for about an hour, was in the shower for ten minutes, and spent the rest of my time writing but one email about this story commission. And it's not even finished yet, because I only just answered all but one of their questions tonight, leaving the plot outline to be finished within the coming few days. At least there's some good to it though. It's not too late to consider having it printed, and they brought it to my attention that LiveJournal just gave out one-time discount coupons for Blurb which will help offset the cost some. This is what I get by having the monthly news updates community on my friends list instead, I suppose. The other is fine, but I'd be much moe likely to subscribe to it by RSS since most of their updates are only one part site changes, and four parts other things everybody should be interested in. Getting back to the night though, I really haven't done much, and practically nothing compared to yesterday.

Work, however, went a little better. It was busy but not so much that I couldn't stay on top of things, and most importantly, looked at the new schedule to find that I have Canada Day off. Much relief there, and also related, I overheard Sheila and Eryn talking about how we'd be getting paid a day early next week, since Thursday is the 1st, and all the sensible places will be closed. Moving on to after that though, things dropped right down to the point of unbearable after Orlando got there and decided he'd help me on line, but, amusingly enough picked right back up when he went out for a smoke and left me up there by myself. I need something to keep me alert, and only one part of the food making process is far from enough. I mostly enjoyed the walk home as well, for going out to Michener without a shirt on, but I hate my belt or pants or shorts or whatever it is that makes my pants sag down a fair bit as I walk, but my shorts stay in the same place. Going up to the fourth belt hole doesn't help, because then it's uncomfortably tight and probably looks even more absurd, but yeah. Maybe I should give some thought to trying my work belt on the way home tomorrow, and if not, fiddling around to find some other solution.

Now, continuing with something I started writing about yesterday, I asked Manoah about his pool at work this afternoon. Just as Tryphena said, he sold it to his brother literally the day before he saw my email, but says there's no need to worry, because he wants to get one of those big round pools and put it in our backyard. Somehow, I can't picture Dad being as willing to allow that, but I'll ask tomorrow and maybe get a ride to work so they can discuss the matter. There's just one thing I need to remember to tell Manoah. Consider, if you will, that there may come a day when you need the pool back, or are no longer able to store it in our yard. If you do buy a big one, where would you put it instead? In any case, preemptiveness can be a bad thing too, but it's my problem insofar as I'm the one going between Dad and Manoah with messages and questions to ask. They still need to decide in the end.

I have more immediate concerns though, being to get to bed within the next half hour, so I can be up with time to spare tomorrow. Pic Pic can, for now, be set aside in favor of getting this story's plot outline finished, and there shouldn't be too much more now. I'm dead set on only one scene in particular, and the rest will be just a general idea of how I imagine things going, which can't be too hard. The biggest problem is ultimately making decisions as I go instead of coming up with an idea beforehand and working from it, but I'm about halfway through right now. A couple more hours will do it~