June 28th, 2010

Now the Call-Ins Start

Fun enough way to start the day, I suppose. Went downstairs to find a note taped to the front door saying Sheila had called, wanting to know if I could work 7 to close. Not on your life, Sheila, unless you plan to give me some incentive. I just worked Friday through Sunday, and had been looking forward to not having anything to do for a couple days, so I'm not just going to say "Yeah, sure" out of boredom. Anyways, it took me about an hour to finally decide I should go back downstairs and call them to say no, and when I did, was promptly informed that they'd found somebody else to cover the shift. No worries, I suppose, but if you know I'm not likely to call back straight away (under different circumstances I might be waking up just now), maybe try somebody else first? For what it's worth, I was planning on not calling her back at all until I realized that was sort of unprofessional and would make me feel guilty for the rest of the night, but yeah. I still have my two days off, and nothing much planned for this one aside from some brief cleaning once I finish writing this entry.

Also, there was a tornado warning yesterday, correct? When I left for work it had been downgraded to a severe thunderstorm watch / warning, which ended up mostly blowing over itself, but before I jump too far ahead here, I immediately went into the back to drop off my uniform, because I needed to get deodorant from Shoppers and didn't see any point to carrying my other bag over there as well. Before I had a chance to leave though, Manoah informed me of how, while we were still at risk of a tornado hitting, he had all the customers in the dining room leave, and made all the staff working get into the walk-in. As I understand it that's exactly what we're supposed to do, but really? Why were we just told "Call me if anything worse starts to happen" by Mike that first night then? Even yesterday when the sky started getting eerily yellow and brown-ish, along with the lighting becoming something out of a bad dream, the most I heard Steve say was something about the reflection off the store, and how that meant it (the storm) was going to be a bad one. And then we didn't see a single drop of rain, or so it seemed. Thankfully the pace of orders did drop off after that though, and we had only another small group of five or six vehicles plus one single customer about a half hour after that for the rest of the night. Awesome timing when I can finish washing the last dish just as the time comes for us to close too, so altogether, as I said up at the beginning of the paragraph, it was a decent night, so I'd rather be happy with that until Wednesday.

As for other things, TekSavvy should be taking their payment sometime today, but I probably won't get the receipts until tomorrow, which then leaves me just waiting until Thursday to catch up on the few other things I need to do. Specifically, emailing all the people I'm commissioning at once to ask for an update, because I'm up to eight now, although two of those are two commissions from the same artist, and there are a whopping four that I need to hear from. Ooh, and I need to bother Naomi about the $50 she still owes me for the internet today too. She's on a one month delay thus far, and although I don't think I could very easily be hard enough on family to cut them off until I get paid, I'm not content with doing nothing. Adam's already given me his ten dollars, without having to be asked, so it's just her, and on this note, I can't remember if I mentioned it in here or not, but Dad switched over to TekSavvy for the phone as well. Apparently that was the only other account in our name with Bell, because they sent him some treacly "It was better with you here" card bearing a picture of a kid, back turned (this is important) sitting on a swing next to an empty one. Yeah, it was, if you consider being lied to on the phone, being gouged for extra bandwidth, and being made to feel guilty that we've decided to go with somebody else.

Anyways, I have some cleaning to do now, and, same as yesterday, Pic Pic to work on after that. I'd like to be up to 350 by the end of the night, and considering I don't plan on going anywhere, that's quite possible~