June 29th, 2010

Specific Sources of Irritation

Dearest Visa people: why oh why do you do this? Is it normal to bill somebody for a card that hasn't been activated, much less detached from the sticky stuff holding it to the piece of paper? The first time I called was one year, three days ago, and after ending that call was certain I didn't have to worry about any more fuss with you guys. Sure enough, I didn't for almost a year, but then one month, one day ago, I received a new chip card. "Surely I don't need this", I thought. "They can't bill for what I don't acknowledge receipt of", but sure enough, I got just that in the mail today. A bill for $25, which I was, needless to say, displeased to see. Let me switch gears completely now and say that I like the difference between having one of your representatives call me, and phoning them. The lady who called me was persistent well past the point of being friendly, citing such reasons as that "Everybody needs a credit card!" and "What would you do in an emergency?" Let me put it this way: I don't believe... no, I see it as flat-out impossible to spend money I don't have. While I might tend to agree with you about everybody needing a credit card, you cannot, and by that I mean never ever will be able to say that everybody needs one, and even at that, who's to say they should get one of yours? Aside from recent problems with it, I'm quite happy with my Money Mart Visa, as I can use it for places that don't accept any of my other preferred methods of payment, and as for what I'd do in an emergency I'm honestly not quite sure, but on top of avoiding situations like that, I also have a fair sum of cash in case anything unexpected should come up when I go away.

Now, towards the differences when calling you folks instead, I've been met with little to no resistance the two times I've called to cancel thus far. I've needed only to provide my name, be informed that upon destroying the card everything would be taken care of, tell the person on the other end "Thanks for your help", and be done. Now on a slightly different note, I'm watching you, Money Mart. TekSavvy took their payment from my card this morning, which is still listed as an authorization which could explain why it doesn't yet have a fifty cent charge attached, leaving me with ~$13 on the card. That should, in theory, be more than enough to cover July's monthly fee, but I'm going to put an extra ten dollars on it this Thursday, or Friday if you should happen to be closed the day before. Why? Because with the track record between us over the past couple months, you're more likely to charge $15 and hope I don't notice, in which case I'll be doing a little more than just going into the store. Oh, and this is mildly unrelated, but why, when all it takes is a quick find & replace, does your terms and conditions page still reference Mastercard? I brought that to your attention over a week ago, but it still hasn't been changed.

Finally, something directed to my mind regarding dreams, which I'm going to put behind a cut since it's somewhat lengthy.

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So now with that out of the way, I'm off to work to get my pay stub and extra money since I'm treating this pay as the first of the month. I have a feeling things are going to be just as tight this pay as last, but there's only one way to find out, and after that, well, I don't know, but I'll definitely not be giving up and going to bed early again tonight. Even if I have to turn my light on and sit in the middle of the floor, I will, because once, as with so many other things, was more than enough~