June 30th, 2010

How Much is Too Much?

Apparently twenty minutes still makes a difference. Not nearly as much as several hours because my dreams weren't half as sad tonight, but I laid down at 5:40, and between then and 2:30 still had some rather weird dreams. I'll put those in a cut later though, because I don't want to start this entry off by writing about them.

The first thing in other news is that, for a few brief moments last night, I had all but five dollars of what Naomi owes me for the internet. Upon returning from Taco Bell, Trish asked for help finding Cinema 6's phone number online, and while I was doing that, Naomi came down and gave me $20, with Mom behind her saying "This is all she can give you for now, and I can vouch for that". It doesn't matter to me what you can or cannot vouch for. I just want the money I'm owed and have been owed since April. Simple as that. Still, $20 is $20, so I finished helping Trish, then went back upstairs, and a couple hours passed before I decided to go back down to wash the dishes. Partway through those I glanced over at my laptop and saw a new email with the preview reading "SPF100". "Spam", I thought. "It must have not been detected as such, but it's come from another Gmail address which is kind of odd, so let's see...". Turns out it was Naomi's friend sending me $25, so I calmly walked over to the stairs and shouted "I'd appreciate you asking me before you use my Paypal account!" and heard a brief "Sorry" in response. Then on my way back to the kitchen I started wondering what it was for. She couldn't possibly have conned this friend into paying the rest of what she owes for the internet for her, and it would still leave her $5 short, but it fit. So I walked back over to the stairs and shouted up "What am I supposed to do with that?" and heard "Give it to me...". So yeah. The $20 she gave me just a couple hours before that? Gone, along with four dollars and fifty cents of change that I would've liked to have for 7-11 on Thursday, but can do without. I'm keeping the other $24.50 that's being transferred to my bank account right now, of course, but that won't clear until probably next week with the holiday and weekend coming up in quick succession, although I shouldn't be too put out by that. Everything I owe money for this week has been paid in full (Mom and Dad, internet, and the commission which I'll be getting the cover for my story from), so the rest is mine, and unlike last week I've already transferred some to savings. Nothing to worry about <3

On that note though, I checked this morning, and just as I'd hoped, TekSavvy's payment has switched from an authorization to settled transaction, and right above is is a fifty cent transaction fee. Therefore I should not have to worry about the monthly fee, but of course, we'll see. I still have $10 to put on the card tonight (didn't quite make it there yesterday), so for now I can wait to see if they charge me two dollars for that as well, but I'll find out in a few hours. Going back to the previous paragraph right now, something else was brought to my attention while washing dishes last night. Mom asked if I was the one going grocery shopping with her this week, and when told yes said "Okay. We have a lot of extra stuff to get though, because everybody is going to be here on Saturday." Everybody? Who, pray tell, is everybody? Aunt Patty, Uncle Rob, and their kids from what I'm told. Might be nice to see them, but guess what? After Thursday night, which I have off, I work supper shifts on the weekend and closes for two more days after that, so I'll be lucky to see them for ten minutes. I suppose it makes sense though, because this way they can meet Trish and Ericka, but the timing isn't quite favorable. Without further ado though...

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So now that I've written all of this, it appears my entry today may end up looking suspiciously similar to yesterday's, but whatever. I'm not about to go back and rework the structure, as I've some cleaning to do and laundry to grab, and leaving for work an hour early to remember since I start at 7 again tonight. Also need to check my Easyweb page because there's a chance my pay will already have been deposited, but not yet. Cleaning first, and the rest can come if I have enough time~