July 3rd, 2010

They'll Come Once I'm Gone

Almost 1 in the afternoon and all is quiet. I don't know what time our company will be here, and it can't be too soon because there are still dishes strewn about in the kitchen, but it'd better be before 4, as I'd like to at least say hi to them. Well, not really even that, but I'm going to miss the trip to Niagara Falls next week because I have to close with Sheila, so I can try doing something else to make up for it. Speaking of which though, said trip was brought up in Tilbury yesterday afternoon, but I still don't know how long they're going to be gone for. Adam, from what I've seen, is the only one to be packing any luggage though, and the most I've heard from anybody else is Naomi asking if she could borrow my camera since it's waterproof. I must admit there's a certain appeal to calling in sick that day and using it as a brief vacation for myself (as well as letting somebody else close with Sheila - even at only once or twice a month, I'm getting tired of it), but I've not called in sick since, well, I can't remember, and certainly not without actually being so, so I can't start now. What's five or six hours anyways? If that night is anything at all like past weeks, we'll be horribly busy and not have a chance to start cleaning up until after 1. Would be fun, almost, to see how she handles that kind of pressure. Things were already kind of heated between her, Ang, and Melissa yesterday afternoon (entirely against Sheila too), but yeah. One night, with half a week yet to go. I think I can manage.

Moving onto a different matter now, I think I made a mistake last night. I was extremely tired, enough so to lay down at 5 and go to sleep. Wasn't really doing much though. Just waiting for updates to install on my other laptop and mulling over what to do tomorrow, so I figured that just maybe it'd end up like earlier this week when I went to bed at 1 in the morning and slept for 12 hours, but no. Woke up at noon thanks to Adam shouting downstairs and feeling rested enough that I didn't need any more sleep, only to see what time it was, but I'm up now, and will remain awake until very much later after I get home from work tonight and hopefully find enough to keep me busy 'till 6am. I'll confess I didn't go through with my plans for supper last night, partly because I wasn't sure if I'd be allowed to leave at 11 or not, and also because I quite literally ate enough for two days on Thursday. However, tonight, even though I'm there until 12 instead of 11, I may do just that. Shoppers first before I start work, and then one of two places just down the street after that. Further to Thursday's events, I've started keeping a list of the stuff I eat again, but this time including an approximation of how much more I can eat for the day after that. Thing is, I didn't so, so I went searching around and found a calculator that required my height, weight, age, and gender, which effectively said that I've been eating too little. No wonder I've been holding at the same weight (give or take) for the past month.

I don't think there's much else to say for today though. It seems my other laptop is finally done updating, and QTAddressBar works which was my biggest worry, so I'm off to take care of them. Well, off downstairs first to see if anybody else knows when our company will be arriving, but that won't take long~