July 9th, 2010

I Am Very Poor Now

I transferred, to buy that portable air conditioner, $400 from my savings to checking account. My original plans were to replace that when we got our vacation pay, but I ended up getting ahead of myself tonight when I logged into my Easyweb account to check my balance. I have, if I'm lucky, a couple dollars over five hundred now, so needless to say I will not be going anywhere until next Thursday, except for McDonalds to get one of their new "snack size" flurries. In a sense it feels good, or at least like I did something worthwhile with my money for a change, but yeah. I spent just under $8 on snacks earlier tonight, followed by $6 for a new album from Lapfox Trax, then sent Pach (the same artist who did this picture) $62.75, or closer to $70 after the conversion, for the cover I'll be using for my story. The last and most expensive I knew of and was expecting so that helps a bit, but overall, I might very well leave my debit card at home over the weekend just so I don't get tempted to go anywhere. We have, or had plenty or cheese, and Mom most likely bought eggs and hotdogs today, which are ingredients I could make two nights worth of meals with. One would be grilled cheese sandwiches, of course, and the other an omelette, because I think I'm slowly switching over from cheese to eggs again. Plenty to work with, and if all else fails, there's the toaster, bread, and plenty of stuff to put on it.

As for finding things to keep me busy, since staying occupied and thus not wanting to go out to 7-11 so I'm actually doing something is another part of saving money, I might start making more use of my DS again soon. Earlier tonight I got a spontaneous urge to play Megaman Battle Network 2, specifically the Okuden Valley area, and also, I checked back on a site I was keeping a much closer eye on before, and found that an English patch for Tales of Innocence has been released. I've only played it for about twenty minutes so far, and can safely say I don't like the timer on the bottom screen, but maybe it has some purpose that's yet to be revealed. The game itself seems okay, I suppose, even though it's far too early to say, and I've already picked out two bits of translated text containing mistakes. One references "reoccurring dreams" (by no means an invalid word, but "recurring" means the same thing and is far more common), and the other is where one of the characters quotes something, but the period to end their sentence is inside the quotes. Something like "My father told me these dreams I'm having are 'really weird.' What do you think?" Just in case their way is correct, I prefer proper nesting. Any other method looks messy, but I'm getting far too fussy about things that don't really matter.

In such light, I also responded to four emails today. All from people I'm commissioning, and all about what I'm getting from them. Doesn't really have much significance for the time being, but hopefully one or two of them respond while I'm asleep so I can see what they have to say in the morning. Won't have much time either what with working supper shifts, but I'm about half reluctant, half eager to go there tomorrow. I want something to be said about us not getting out until quarter after 2 on Wednesday so I can have a newer reason for asking Melissa not to schedule me on closes with Sheila for a couple months. That's only four from her perspective, and instead of playing it safe and saying "Maybe I shouldn't complain, because if I do I'll end up closing with Mary and Melissa", I'd rather say what's on my mind and risk having to work a couple closes that may not be nearly as bad as I'm thinking. Either way, I don't know how I started this paragraph off with commissions and switched to work so suddenly, but I imagine the time has something to do with it. I haven't been up this late without being extremely tired in a while, but even so, I need to get to bed soon. Hopefully tomorrow brings something new, because I certainly am waiting on enough~