July 10th, 2010

Finally, Excitement at Work

As much as I want to completely leave this out and start the entry some other way because it's only interesting in a very narrow-minded way, something new happened at work today. We all noticed a smell of burning plastic, and were having problems with one of the breakers repeatedly turning itself off, but didn't think too much of them. The smell was probably just that - a piece of plastic stuck to some source of heat, because there are plenty of places where that could've happened. As for the breaker, just a weird single-day quirk. We've (supposedly) been hit by a power surge before that left us unable to close, and that only happened once, so there's plenty of room for more stuff like that. Anyways, Melissa started getting tired of the smell, and had me check in the ceiling to see if there was anything of concern there. Nothing much, but I continued looking around and traced the source to a specific set of vents. I think after that I eventually got tired of waiting for somebody to come back and see for themselves, so I started getting the cardboard together to take out, while Melissa was in the back as well talking to the district manager, when I noticed wisps of smoke coming from a never-touched corner right at the back. Cue a bit of excitement with having to take everything out of there, then she noticed the source of the problem. The freezer is (or was) plugged into an extension cord, but said cord was resting in a small puddle of water, right where the plug and outlet connected. Then the fun part came where she shut off power to the entire store and I got to reach back there and unplug it, but yeah, something new and a little dangerous for once, which was exciting at the time <3

Then she called a repair guy in and the ~2 hour supper rush started, so we had no time to take care of anything else, which was good because we wouldn't have been able to. Unfortunately, that was about the high point of my day, or to be really technical, was the high point of being at work. The evening after that got slowly worse and worse as I because increasingly tired, and I think the only reason I'm still awake now is because I had shower just earlier instead of immediately upon getting home from work. The two cans of pop I had didn't seem to help, nor did anything else I ate, but my obligations for the night are once again taken care of, so I know writing this is the only thing standing between me and going to sleep. Said obligations are, of course, responding to people I'm commissioning, but I like this much more now. Out of the six or seven people I'll be getting stuff from, I have three sketches as of this moment. I've already requested changes to all of them, but going back a bit further than that, it's nice seeing progress instead of just waiting here as I've done with other people. Then for the second topic which is sleeping, I hope for it to be just the same as last night. It was surprisingly cool for once, and still is right now, so the only thing I woke up for was when I needed to go to the bathroom. Managed to get up on time without my alarm after that, and felt much more rested for once, so repeating the same thing again would be only too nice.

I think I will just go off to bed for tonight though. I'm just about falling asleep here, and am not prepared to keep moving around so I stay awake. With any luck (and less procrastination) I'll have those sketches uploaded tomorrow, and we'll see about anything else then~