July 25th, 2010

It Would Seem I'm Slipping

I think it's about time I started this again. The general theme I've been noticing for everything over the past couple days, most notably how I look at work and another topic of certain obsession, is that they're now progressing the same as if the past several years of my life never happened. I feel new at work, because of all the different rules and never being able to do any one thing completely right because of them, and as for that other certain topic, I think I worked that out well enough last night. Obscurity aside though, one of the other ways it manifests itself is how I don't take longer routes home from work anymore. Now, you do have to admit the weather lately hasn't been particularly nice for that, but I'm thinking more along the lines of that not making a difference. The past couple weeks or so I was always coming straight home to get back to Pic Pic again, but as I've said two times before now, it's done. Then there was also wanting to rush home to see about commission-related things, but that's fairly unnecessary as well. I have a general idea of what I'll be getting from everybody I'm commissioning, and at the moment there's only one artist I'll need to email if they haven't responded by the end of the month, but coming straight home and immediately checking my laptop needs to stop.

The other problem is the length of those routes. It's fine enough thinking of walking home that way, but inevitably, at some point throughout the night I'll start asking myself a series of questions which are designed entirely to find reasons not to go. So tonight, I'll find some in-between route. Not 11km, because I'd like to save that until I can get snacks along the way, but just down Delaware or Baldoon. As for work, I suppose I'll have to just bide my time the best I can until the end of August, when I have those three days off. The problems there seem to be present only on supper shifts when Melissa is working, because closes are fine aside from when it's busy which is nothing new, and I worked a supper shift with Sheila but not Melissa yesterday, and things went just about swimmingly. Got to leave an hour early too, but went to McDonalds instead of Harveys. I figure I'll be better off visiting the other place next Saturday, because I have the night off, and by that point will have enough money that I can go out to Walmart again.

As for other more day-to-day news, I found something fun upon coming home last night. After finally getting settled in, I checked Feathertail's updates page, and saw a new entry right at the top. Apparently our past email correspondence has been "extensive" (with an underscore on each side), and they're going back through all of it to come up with more concrete ideas for my commission. Just kind of funny for them to refer to it that way instead of just saying "Going back through email correspondence", but yeah. I think for the rest of the afternoon I'd like to continue working on Picross DS though, so I'm off to do that. Level 3 should be done before I leave for work, so maybe I'll have some pictures to show off by tomorrow~