August 4th, 2010

It Really is Canceled

This is definitely a little bit more progress than last time. A letter from Canada Trust came for me in the mail today, and the first thing I noticed about it was how my name and address was printed in a different font than that which appears on account statements. Sure enough, the piece of paper inside was not a listing of my recent transactions, but rather confirmation regarding canceling my Visa. Nothing too interesting to read - just recommendations about what to do next, none of which apply to me, so maybe now I'll finally be done with them. I suppose even this far along it's worth noting I haven't had to pay any money though. Just the first few couple fees back when I thought it would be too much of a bother to cancel.

As for the rest of today (thus far) though, I just don't know. I'm a bit irritable, mostly for what are obvious reasons by now, so I'll go off to the few other things I have to mention first. In wandering around the kitchen looking for a small snack last night, I noticed a couple specific dates marked in September on the calendar. Adam will be returning from Arkansas on the 7th, for one, and for the other, on the Saturday after that (the 11th), there is a family reunion being held at Uncle Brent's. Knowing that so far in advance, I have plenty of time to ask for it off, but no, not this time. If by chance I happen to get that Saturday off anyways, maybe, but I'll never do that whole ask to have it off and get really excited about it in the weeks leading up thing like last time. Now, if their house wasn't effectively out in the middle of nowhere and I could get there by train, then yeah, I'd love to do that, but it's not an option this time. Oh well. There is one more date I have to keep in mind for this month though. We're going for haircuts again on the 19th, and as I haven't installed and don't intend to install Rainlendar this time, mentioning it in here works well enough to ensure I'll remember as well.

Continuing with other things of mention, I think Naomi might actually have a job now, so remember what I was saying a week or so ago about how it seemed everything was reverting back to what it used to be like? All of those things were of a negative variety, but the house being quiet is much more positive instead <3 It was genuinely different going downstairs earlier this morning and not having any nightlights to guide my way, and then when I woke up, went down to complete quiet, only to come back upstairs having realized both Dad and Naomi were away at work, leaving Mom still presumably asleep, and me to go get cereal. Mind you, it isn't all good. Instead of going about my original plans and moving my bed and everything else out of the way to make getting the mattress and box spring back into the spare room easier, I hauled both of them upstairs by myself, then enlisted Naomi's help getting them up and over one of the bed posts (they're slanted). I didn't notice any ill effects at the time, aside from being out of breath, of course, but my back has been hurting all night.

Now that I think of it, maybe another shower will help with that, and I need to head off into the bathroom soon anyways. Then after that, work at 7 where I'll be closing with George, although it shouldn't be too bad a night. I keep going back and reminding myself about how I'm alternating between working and having a day off for the next five or six days, and I think that should be quite enough~