August 8th, 2010

People Are Making Me Poor

To think I was actually fairly proud of myself, but now I couldn't even bear to log into my Easyweb account. Brandon's request was first, and not something I minded after getting it in writing which I mentioned last night, but then there was a different request of the same sort that was made earlier this afternoon. Manoah sent me an email asking if he could borrow $100 until Thursday, which he would gladly come by the house to pick up since I had the day off, then he told me to "holla" which was just kind of... odd, and the end result is that I went downstairs for the phone and called him to make arrangements. So that's $220 I'm out until next week. $240 to be technical, but the extra twenty was for me, to use most of at Tim Hortons and 7-11. All things considered, I really don't care, or rather I don't mind, because I can't say that I don't care about lending money to other people, as long as I don't have any immediate use for that money though, but that'll be it for this week. James and Steve were both joking around about how they could use some money as well last night, and while it's unlikely, I'd rather this not turn into two or more people asking me for an interest-free loan every other week. Also related though was a phone call I got while waiting for Manoah. I thought it was him at first, actually, but it turned out to be Brandon looking for somebody to take his close. When they finally arrived Manoah said it was because he wanted to go hang out with his girlfriend, so there's one possibility of why he wanted the money, but no. Even though I started wondering if I should've said yes immediately after hanging up, having tonight off turned out well.

I might note, however, that by "well", I mean "I spent a good hour and a half proofreading the first part of my story and switching between several other tasks after that". The latter aren't really worth mentioning - working on Picross DS and such, but as for my story, I still feel bad, even five hours after finishing going through and marking what needed to be changed. I've taken something that I really liked, and marred it all the way through by making certain words or phrases bold, and adding smaller, purple text beside them explaining why they were marked. Part of it is most definitely from having seen so much of it today (quite literally too much of a good thing), but overall, as I just said, I like where it's going, and I'm quite eager to find out what happens next, especially because the part just after where this first draft left off is arguably one of the most important parts of the story. Well, they're all important, really, but it's what will make it truly unique. It's back to waiting for now though, but I suspect it'll take at least a couple messages from each of us to sort out all the things I made notes on.

Aside from that, this has been a mostly normal day, but still had enough new points of interest to set it apart. For one, Adam apparently called from Arkansas for me because Trish's laptop isn't working and I'm supposed to be able to diagnose problems with Vista over the phone. At the time Mom and Dad both thought I was off at work, and hung up just before realizing I was out in the TV room petting one of the cats, but he'll probably call back eventually. Secondly, Mom, Dad, and possibly Naomi are going over his room again. I don't think they're completely redecorating it a second time, but they have moved a bunch of stuff out into the hallway, so I'm curious to see what happens this time. Third and probably final, I've decided against this idea to go back and make a list of all my past commissions. One of the columns in the list is for the exact price, and how am I to know the cent-specific amount of each and every money order I sent out before setting up my Paypal account? I can't, but also I really don't feel like digging through all those old emails to find the relevant information. There aren't very many good memories from back when I was mostly just buying tails and whatnot.

Before I get all worked up about that though, I think this is a decent enough place to end another entry, but just before that, something from the walk I took earlier, to the bank and 7-11. I was out for fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, yet in that time, four different groups of people either meowed or barked at me. All I did was glance at them with a confused expression on my face, or let my whole body droop in mock exasperation, but walking on the other side of the street sure is different. Oh, and there is one more thing along the same lines I should mention. At work on Friday, Meghan (an ex-employee) came through, and shouted from all the way down in drive through "Hey, did you know there's a picture of you on 89x's Facebook?" No, I did not. Pictures on personal profiles wouldn't surprise me, and there are undoubtedly one or two I don't know about, but to be on a radio station's page? Let's just say nothing's come of it yet, and I'll be happy to have it stay that way. It has thus far though, and that's good enough for me~