August 11th, 2010

Updating is All That Matters

It's a bit too specific to start off with, but regardless, thank you, uTorrent, for not updating any of the main window while the program update one has focus. When I went to bed, the three biggest torrents I had downloading were all at 70%. The next time I woke up and opened my laptop to check for anything new, another window had opened with a message to the effect of updating to a new version, but not wanting to bother with it then, I pushed the screen back down and went back to sleep. Next time I woke up the torrent completion percentages were still suspiciously close to where they'd been last time, as they were the third and fourth times I checked too (I really do wake up that often, and every single time check for new emails and such). When I finally woke up and decided to stay up, all the way into the afternoon at 3:30, I clicked the "No" button, because even though the message mentioned improved speeds, it's working fine as is, and I'd rather not screw that up as updating to version 2.0.0 did at first. Besides, at the rate things are going, I'll have everything George wants by the end of the day, excluding the 201GB / 26 season torrent, which I'm still only three seasons into. As for what clicking the "No" button did though, as soon as I moved the cursor over it and tapped the touchpad, all three torrents instantly updated, to one being complete, and the other two significantly higher than they had been, one of which was downloading at ~250kB/s. Of course now that I've mentioned it possibly being done by the end of the day it's dropped down to ten, but that's just as likely to be temporary.

Given the above, I almost wish it was Thursday already, so we could be out getting groceries, from where I'd walk home and have a passing chance of seeing George to give him an update. Notwithstanding needing to collect my money from Manoah as well, but with Brandon and I not working together until Friday, and thus him not being able to pay me back until then, I won't be going to the bank until Saturday or Sunday. Or maybe I'll just go across the street with the first hundred tomorrow, and hope the Canada Trust on St. Clair is open until 8pm on Friday. My figuring last night was that after we get paid, I'll have $200 on top of my minimum, and that'll do nicely to bring me right back up to what I was at when we last were paid. In the meantime, that leaves a definite trip to 7-11 tonight, but not until much later - around midnight if possible - because I went there yesterday, and sure enough ate everything I bought all in one go. Not like it's particularly relevant or anything, but you would think I'd have learned by now.

Finally for today though, some commission updates. I've yet to hear back from the artist whose picture came in the mail yesterday, but even so, received an updated sketch of the other commission that I'll eventually be getting the physical copy of, and sent responses regarding both the picture I mentioned alongside my story the other night, and regarding my story cover itself. Speaking of which, I'm really enjoying the way things are going with writing it. As noted several times over now, they sent me the first draft, to which I requested a bunch of changes, mainly to fix parts that sounded repetitive, or came across as confusing. Skip ahead to last night now, and I sent them a second version of pretty much the same thing. A sizeable list of parts that still need to be tweaked, which I can't help feeling somewhat bad for, but still think I'm "in the right" to do. After all, I could just be telling them "this doesn't sound right" but not give any indication why it doesn't work, or how I'd like it to sound. On the other hand, if this is just the first part (and to my mind, first third) of the story, does that mean at least two more revisions for however many other parts there are will be required as well? I hope there's nobody else in line for commissions at the moment, but until they say otherwise, I suppose it's reasonable to assume that they don't mind the repeated changes.

In any case, it's time I moved over to making some use out of my second day off. For the moment, watching a movie and (hopefully) converting some of these files George wants from MP4s to AVIs. I can't help thinking it'll be quite impossible to do both at the same time, but we'll see~