August 30th, 2010

Same as Last Sunday

I wish every week could start (or end, depending on your point of view) this way. A nice, slow shift at work (at least compared to the weekend, and only after the first couple hours), leading into, in yesterday morning's case, coming home and staying up 'till 9 just because I wasn't tired, and now, knowing I don't have to work again until Friday. It is, of course, not all good, made obvious at least by how it's taken me an hour and a half to even find a place to start writing today, but my plans for the rest of the night seem better. (Hopefully) get a new / the final draft of my story, after I sent an outline to the author last night detailing exactly how I wanted the end to go to read through and tweak, as well as, once it starts working, moving all the music off my PSP since I have no need for it to be on there anymore, and then just maybe, if I should feel that I deserve it, go to 7-11 later. I already went there on Saturday night, but that was only because I knew I wouldn't be eating enough without, so we'll see. And now that my mind has drifted back to work, something interesting was said to me on Saturday night, by Orlando, specifically.

He wanted to know if something was wrong, because I've seemed "different" lately. Different in the sense that I'm more quiet and keep to myself? A fair part of that is because I'm stuck down in drive through. It's rather difficult to go out of one's way to talk with other people when all you can hear most of the night are vehicles and people telling you what they want, but you're right, it wasn't only that. There's also my conscious decision to be more quiet, which you have played right into by asking me if anything was wrong. It's a fun experiment, seeing how long it takes people to become concerned, and I suppose it's well worth noting too that he asked if anything was wrong of his own accord. Not to blow it out of proportion, but he was concerned about me, even if only slightly. Anyways though, it's fun in its own way, but the same could be said of behaving in any other atypical manner for two or three days in a row. It's just interesting to see how people react, but the talking quietly will probably end soon, mostly because I now have reason to speak at a normal tone. Or at least I think I do. I won't know until my next shift though.

Getting back to where I was going now, today is the beginning of the week, and as such, I received several things I was waiting for all weekend. One (or two) was / were emails regarding TekSavvy's payment, and the other is about that PSP I bought. Nothing in regards to the MP3 player yet, but maybe they don't bother with such automated emails, and I'll have to check my feedback page to see if they've left me positive remarks on there. Before I forget again though, I need to take all the music that's on my PSP off, which involves using a USB cable this time, since the card reader is apparently not working. I probably only have to restart my laptop, but yeah. Those files will take a fair while to copy, so I'll just be done here~