September 13th, 2010

I'll Get my Own Cord

Because I always enjoy bending the rules. For a couple months which ended last night, there was an extra cord attached to the radio at work that allowed phones and MP3 players to be hooked up to listen to music. The only time I've used / seen it used (outside of one exception which I was completely responsible for) is after 11, when customers could only get food via the drive through. So you'd figure there wouldn't be any problems with that, as long as whoever puts their music on remembers to turn the volume back down to a reasonable level and tuck the cord up behind the radio so it isn't hanging down, but apparently it's not that simple for some people. Or so I was informed by George last night, who said Brandon had been caught using it. As such, the cord was either removed or taken home by James, who provided it to begin with, but now I have to check how it hooked up to the back of the radio tonight, so I can buy my own. Strictly to bring and then take home at the end of the night, of course, but I can't sit by and let somebody else take away something that, when used properly, caused no harm. Besides, said cords are ~$4 here, with a shipping price of $1, or I could just as easily go out to the place near Bulk Barn before work, but again, I need to check the back of the radio first. There are two types of connectors, so I don't want to buy the wrong one.

Last night was largely frustrating anyways though. George has joined the ranks of people who think there's something wrong because I'm much quieter lately, but no, there isn't. It's only going to take a couple weeks for you to get used to this as is, and then after that, if and when the day comes where I go back to acting how I used to, they'll think I'm angry about something then too. As noted before, it's a fun experiment, but in fairness, I was losing my patience with some people last night anyways. Towards all the customers in drive through, I asked you a question: do you want to try our new item? An answer would be appreciated before rattle off what you actually want. It's kind of funny to note how that's what I hope to end up on tonight, but there's a difference between closing and actually having all this work between you and going home, as compared to working during the afternoon and only wanting to get and keep those things caught up so the closers have an easier time of it.

On a different note now though (and one last thing before I leave for work), a quick update to something I was writing about yesterday. That free picture I was supposed to be getting. Not going to happen anymore. Although the weird part is how I told the author of the story "This is what I want it to depict, so you can either pass that info along to the artist, or give me their contact information", then came home to find a response from them saying "I think the artist is going to have to pass, unfortunately". Really? I know I can't make a fuss, because I didn't pay anything for it, but these pictures were, since not explicitly stated otherwise, available to anybody who commissions a story from you. Just because I waited until the very end should, in theory, not mean that I've suddenly missed my chance. So I could go around them and try contacting the artist directly, but I really don't care anymore. I'd rather have paid for those things so I can be fussy with them if need be, and a free picture seems like something that I would give them a description of the scene for, and then an untold amount of time later get the finished picture without any options to tweak it.

But yeah. I'm now about six minutes late for leaving for work, which leaves less time than normal to play Lumines. Especially considering I have to stop by the bank on the way there, but ten fewer minutes then normal should be manageable. At least for today~