September 16th, 2010

Some Obscure Inside Joke

Go here, download the file right at the bottom and open it. Then, if you're like me and don't have a program to open .ace files installed (what need is there to use such a compression method these days aside from it being intentional anyway?), go download the trial of Winrar, install it, and have a look inside. One text file which is perfectly readable but makes little to no sense, along with a .itt and .sct. Searching for the file extensions brought up the word "Amiga" alot, but the actual name shows a bunch of stuff of or relating to an "artist" quite like one already present on Lapfox Trax. Oh, and along the same lines, one of their other side projects sort of died. I kind of want to send an email asking "What happened to this?", but that would constitute taking it too seriously, and I can't have that. I really need to send another one about the cover for my book though, because one of the things I did last night was to split the cover in half and drag it into BookSmart, but what happened then? I was warned about how even though the picture (at that size) looked great on screen, it would be downsized considerably for printing, and indeed, it does shrink by about half. The artist did say "printing resolution is [sic] freakin' huge!" though, and at the moment it's only 1,500×750 (pixels) which I figure would be bigger in the end. Same thing happened with the first picture I commissioned from them, so yeah. I'll just double-check before I have to leave for work I suppose.

Other than that, last night was sort of... interesting. It started off and continued to go well for as long as I had things to do (backing stuff up), but as soon as that was finished, I became terribly bored. Bored in the sense that I wished work would call me in again, even, but they didn't, so I sort of moped around for a bit, and finally at 1:00 decided enough was enough and went into my closet for my XP CD to reinstall it. Which is mostly done now. I'm sure there are still some details I've forgotten, and I know there's at least one thing I need to do but haven't gotten around to yet, but a majority of the work is done. Aside from going back to Firefox 2, that is. Whether because I was trying to use a bookmarks file from version 3, or because all of my bookmarks were duplicated, even tripled in some cases, I could not get the bookmarks toolbar properly arranged for the life of me. There are eight items in it now, yes? Last night, I'd try to drag item 1 up to the top of the list, followed by item 2 into the second position, item 3 into the 3rd, and so on, but then I'd get to the fourth, and item 1 would move down to item 8's position, and the items that were previously numbered seven and eight would jump up to 2 or 5 or something. I couldn't figure out what was wrong for anything, so in the end I downloaded Firefox 3.6 again (after much work to actually find the proper version) and am back to what this was like at about the same time yesterday afternoon once more. Doesn't change much, outside of that I could go back to using Google Docs to keep track of what I eat instead of Gnumeric, but no. I'd rather use an actual program instead of something online.

On the good side of things, it started to storm quite near the end of my working, including a few rumbles of thunder, and is still wonderfully gray and cloudy out <3 There's even a severe thunderstorm watch, but all I'm concerned about with that is it not hitting until after I've started work. I don't mind sitting outside in the rain, but having to hold my PSP in a weird position to keep it from getting wet is a bit of a bother. But yeah. I have about half an hour now, and three things to do in that time: log into Easyweb and transfer $100 to my savings, switch over to Gmail and send that message noted above, and then get my uniform ready. Plenty of time to do all three, and I might even have a few extra minutes for a couple songs in Be-Pachi Music when they're done~