November 6th, 2010

He Really is Persistent

I came home from work last night to find one message on the answering machine from Dad saying they'd arrived at wherever they were headed and things were well and good, but then woke up this morning to find three more, one of which was a couple seconds of silence, and the other two Dad calling to check if Adam was awake and getting ready for work yet. I might presume no, because both messages are still there and the cats were still in their room when I went downstairs to get some cereal, but he is also nowhere to be found, so it might be more reasonable to say he is off at work. I remember being there as well though, so I can't really make a fuss. Mornings back when we were still all in public / grade school, but were on our own to wake up and make our lunches and walk to school in the morning, so instead we'd sit down in front of the TV and watch Garfield, assuming we'd still have plenty of time to make it to school, and yeah, we, or at least I, never once did <3 And then this current scenario also has another disadvantage in that I'm amazed Adam and Naomi can put their dishes in the kitchen at all, let alone keep them in a nice, tidy pile, and because I start work at 5 this afternoon, I won't have a chance to wash them until I get home, well after they've made whatever supper they have in mind for themselves.

But on a slightly more serious note, I was thinking about recent events last night (most of what my previous couple entries have been about), and felt really bad at first, because I honestly thought that if our positions were reversed, and somebody else had come to me with the problems I was describing, I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with them. Just the idea of the entry I wrote yesterday being invalidated by the fact that I can't see past the end of my own nose is frustrating, but all the same, I need to consider equally if I would ever find myself in that position. If I wrote stories for profit and somebody came to me asking for something outside the bounds of what I wrote for everybody else, would I? No. I'd tell them the rules they read in the commission description did, in fact, apply, and that I would be more than happy to write them a story within those guidelines, but if they wanted anything more, they'd have to take their business elsewhere. I don't have enough time or desire to go out of my way and go against my rules to make other people happy, except for between friends, but commissioners are not friends. They are actually, in a sense, business partners, and are to be treated with respect and kindness, but only to the same degree of what you'd show any other formal acquaintance. The one new and good thing about this is I'm considering either adding a short biography onto the next story I'm commissioning, or pay for it completely separately. Problem is, that author has still yet to get back to me about the incomplete outline I sent to them, so I'm not sure what's going on there. In the end though, maybe I am just as much hypocrite. Maybe. Would anybody care to confirm or deny that, from their point of view? I think I'm not, for what it's worth. I think I've been fair and maybe just a little bit pushy with some of the things I said, but that's why they're in a protected entry. I do stand by two of them wholeheartedly though (the business with that free commission, and what I wrote about being "cured"), which is better than nothing <3

Anyways though, I'm kind of somewhat looking forward to work today. We were there for a full hour after closing last night while I cleaned line really thoroughly (99% of it on my own, I might add), and I think we had a good close overall. Although I do have to keep in mind that all of my careful cleaning and wiping out underneath and in things and all of that other stuff was probably completely undone by 1pm at latest. But by far the better part is knowing I have tomorrow off and am done work at 10. Last night it snowed a little bit, and I did indeed go out to walk around in it for a couple minutes, much to James' objection that it was cold, and had quite a pleasant walk home too for the same reason. Unfortunately the snow had stopped falling by then, but it was still just pleasantly cool, and by the time I walked past the police station, my hands and arms were tingling with warmth <3 Oh, and since that reminded me, I did something the night before last that will and has already become one of those things I look back on fondly. I had talked to Dan Skunk in MSN for a bit, about recent events and the atrocity I committed of buying pre-packaged oatmeal on Thursday, and then decided to go out to Tim Hortons. For two drinks, and two donuts, which was a fun, brisk walk, and then I came back home, resumed the conversation for another ten minutes or so, and eventually went back to busying myself with other things. Other things which I will need to finish or at least make considerable progress in tonight, like replying to a second email about a commission I had going well before now, or finishing more than one page in BookSmart before getting bored with it. Yeah, for that to happen does make sense given recent events, but I like my story, and really want to see it turned into a book. I'm just more interested with mindlessly watching TV shows, apparently, but the relaxation is nice too. I do deserve it, after all~