November 9th, 2010

Writing is So Fickle

Third time restarting this today, because I clearly can't maintain a train of thought past getting up to go to the bathroom and coming back again. Something interesting happened most recently though - Dad gave me two sticks of RAM, which I assume must go with this fairly ancient looking laptop I came home to find next to my door last night. There's a note attached to the top which says it's mine to do whatever I like with, but thus far I have no idea how to use it or if it's even any good, because it didn't come with a power cord, and I'd be surprised if the battery still holds a charge, assuming there's a battery in it at all. From the looks of the license sticker on the back it has a pre-XP version of Windows installed (probably 98), but I can't tell for sure because some brilliant person placed a smaller sticker containing the username and password right on top of it. But yes. That was the most of my excitement yesterday, along with a blanket-like thing I bought on eBay. It has sleeves and a pocket though, and is mostly alright, if a bit short and I just know it'll never feel as soft again as it does now. And also, I think I've finally passed the threshold of seeing anything with leopard spots on it as being a must-have item. I happened to notice the same pattern on Sheila's steering wheel cover at work yesterday afternoon, and my first thought was "Wow, that's tacky". Yes, there are many exceptions to that statement, such as the blanket(s) I have and mattress cover I'm sitting on right now, but I need to back off from this somewhat myself. They're animals. Not a material resource to be exploited. Although in the case of snow leopards, are something that should be treated with a certain amount of reverence. At least for me <3

Weirdness on my part aside though, I have a couple things of interest to note today, starting with an update regarding Heart and Stroke. I emailed Michele on Sunday, and woke up to find this reply the following morning:

I will be needing your services but not until Feb and hoping you can give me 2 – 3 days for the next few months to work in P2P STAR module. My responsibilities in this module starts when the kits come back in to the office from our campaign. It’s up to Kit our P2P Coordinator to manage the data now and get it ready for me then.

Our Christmas party is scheduled for Thursday Dec 16 from noon to 2pm at the Chatham Breakfast House and Grill by Teppermans on Grand Ave. Let me know if you are able to attend.. hope you can.

I'm still not sure whether not being required until February is a promotion or demotion. One one hand, I'll be working on one specific task that I finished before any of the other offices last year, and on the other, I'm no longer needed to make up flyers (such as one "advertising" the Christmas party) or do other menial and repetitive tasks around the office. Not that I miss the latter - stamping envelopes and such, but it feels kind of weird. As for the Christmas party though, I will do everything in my power to attend this year's. Not only does the restaurant look like a more upscale place, but I like to think I'm beyond worrying about embarrassing the other volunteers with my tail and ears. Screw that. Kit was being enough of an embarrassment the year before last complaining about her sandwich, and it'd be fun to see Tryphena and her mom there this year. Plus I could very well walk out there and back home too (setting aside the fact that it starts at noon), because it's just a short distance out past Michener, and I've been out that way countless times before.

As for the second item, I'm not quite as sure whether or not I want to write about it anymore, as it involves being depressed and I'm in a fairly stable state right now, but what the hell.

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It looks like I'm done though, because it sounds like there's a cat scratching at my door, and I'm also sure to have a fairly large pile of dishes waiting for me downstairs. It's dark out already too, which still seems really strange, but yeah. Time to go do other things with my day off~