November 14th, 2010

This Must Be a Surprise

I'm somewhat torn on how to proceed from here. There are some semi-private things I want to write about involving Christmas gifts, but after the overwhelming silence to the other things I've been writing about recently, I have to think that my fears of these entries getting picked over by one or more members of my family aren't as well-founded as I thought. Going with that assumption though, I'm looking ahead to what sorts of things are to come within the next month and a half. I have everybody's big gift, aside from one game for Adam which I will try to pick up when we next get paid, but an idea came to mind a couple weeks ago while I was talking to somebody in MSN, involving both Adam and Trish. As far as I can tell, money is an issue for them, so it would make sense if I were to give them both some for Christmas, but I don't just want to up and give them an envelope so they know it's from me. Rather, I can see putting it in an envelope and possibly getting somebody else at work to address it (so they can't link it to me by the handwriting), and then also, down along the bottom of the envelope, write "Do not open until Christmas!" or something to that effect, so I can put it in the mailbox a couple days before, and then just wait. Or if they choose not to listen to the warning and open it early, I can take the money back and chastise them for not being able to follow simple directions. Which I would seriously do. I'm aiming to give them $200, after all. But then that all depends on how things are going between them. I haven't heard anything better or worse since, but they were having an issue the other night dealing with Second Life, and I'm not going to repeat any more than that in here.

And then also, setting aside the two of them, and the entire rest of my family, for that matter, I am thinking about cookies too. James seemed quite appreciative of the margarine tub full I gave him on Friday night, and George is always happy to take a container full of no-bake cookies home to share with his family, even though I haven't made those in a while, so I've been asking myself "Why not just find two medium-sized Christmas-themed boxes, and fill those up with each type of cookie?" The alternative is to buy two of those 2.5 or 2.25 or whatever they are-kilogram bags of oatmeal, and make as many as I can of each type to give to them, but I would like to just make a whole bunch of cookies to surprise them with. And eventually a loaf or two of bread for Manoah, and maybe a cake at some point as well, but yes, I've definitely found my place in amongst the baking-goodies-to-share-with-others-at-Christmastime group <3 It kind of beats sending out Christmas cards too, but I still plan on doing that. Although I have one less person this year, but posed the question to Dan Skunk just last night as well, and got his address, so that makes two once again. And until then, well, I'm just biding my time until my birthday, because I should have enough money saved up to buy food-gifts for everybody, and not risk them going bad before Christmas gets here. Apparently Trish won't be arriving until the 18th, so I could just as easily wait until then, but no, I'd rather not put it off that long. Although I do fancy the idea of stores out at the far end of St. Clair being open 24 hours by then, so I can go out for whatever I need from them at any odd hour <3 At least they had better do that again this year.

But for now, I'm off to put some new music on my Zen, and spend whatever time I have left after that doing other things. I might leave for work a bit early tonight, to go up to The Bargain(!) Shop and look around for the seasoned cashews 7-11 sold before but no longer seems to stock now, and also because their flyer seemed to have a few other good deals in it, and I'd like to look around in-store for more or the same. Or maybe I should save my money for the above-mentioned purposes, but if I don't it will end up being just another typical night at work, most likely finished off with a huge pile of dishes again, and this time I don't have the benefit of a day off tomorrow. Oh well though. If I don't say something before then, Melissa is bound to take notice of our being there so long after close each and every night and take measures to prevent that, so it should get fixed either way in the end. Or McDonalds could hurry along with their renovations, but when they do finish it might very well end up being that everybody goes there instead, leading to us getting less hours because it isn't busy. Or maybe I'm also getting way too speculative, so I'll just stop here~