November 23rd, 2010

The Result of Too Much Poking

Just a few quick things to take care of tonight, because as yet I don't know how tomorrow afternoon is going to go.

First of all, I'd say I mostly had fun at work earlier tonight. That is, up to the point where Manoah asked if he could use my cord for the radio to hook his phone up and had his music at such a high volume that it gave me a headache I can still feel right now. See if I ever do that again. He can either keep the volume to a more respectable level, or I will withhold use of the cord, which would probably not go anywhere. At any rate though, he had to walk home with me again tonight, despite much protesting about how it was raining and that he was going to melt, and I warned him well in advance that I wanted to stop at Tim Hortons, so off we went, and talked about more or less random things until coming to King street. At first he pointed out an apartment he wanted to move into once before (roughly across the street from the bank's parking lot), but then as we got closer to Tim Hortons asked / told me "Did you know they take debit now?" No, I did not, and at first I refused to believe him, but sure enough, he asked the lady himself (the same one as all the other times <3), and she said that yes, they did. Unfortunately, they don't serve candy cane hot chocolates yet, but yeah. Interesting things to know. I will at least try to stick to paying with cash there for now though, because Tim Hortons plus convenience is not a good combination when wanting to stay at the same weight is considered. Still, interesting facts all the same.

Secondly, and on a much more annoying note, Brandon came in to get pop tonight, and before I told him to pull up (he was in the drive through), said he didn't have my money, and I half joking / half serious told him he should go across the street to the bank to get it, or else not get his pop. But in the end I still gave it to him, and asked when I could expect him to give it to me. Thursday, if not later than that, but he asked for my phone number, which may or may not mean something. It's just like... Manoah put the money he owed me in the safe, so why can't you, Brandon? Just because you'd rather keep it for yourself doesn't mean you should, and consider yourself warned right now that because of what you've done, I refuse to lend any more than $60 at a time to whoever asks, unless I'm friends with them, and believe me, that does narrow things down quite drastically. George has yet to ever ask to borrow money from me, and Manoah hasn't since I gave him that loan for his teeth. As for you, well, if and when you need money for a real reason, which is pretty much anything within the realm of basic necessities, I'm willing to hear you state your case, but am not going to just blindly say "Sure, here you go" again. And for anybody else, am I being unfair? Yeah. It's not my business to pry, but if you want to borrow money from me, you could at least give me an idea of what it's going to be used for.

Third and final, a brief story about something that happened on the way to work the night before last. I was just crossing over the street towards Tim Hortons / the police station, and some other guy carrying a backpack was walking toward me from the other direction, and as we passed, I swear I heard him say / ask "Ready for some scritches and yiffing?" The "ready for" part may not be quite correct, but I am absolutely certain about what he asked, and while I only smirked at the time, I can't believe it. I do remember seeing Alec walking the same direction just a bit farther up that same stretch of the street, and he yelled "Fur power!", but that's hardly the same. Hardly. Am I embarrassed? Not really. Annoyed? No, I have no reason to be. I just don't know how to feel, but the question caught me somewhat by surprise, and I hadn't ever heard anyone actually say those specific "words" to me before. I am also starting to obsess though, so this sounds like an excellent time to go to bed. And perhaps sleep in, what with having tomorrow off, but that's a common wish, and only comes true about half the time, so instead, oh... hopefully it'll be raining when I woke up. I was just falling asleep yesterday morning when it started to storm out, and that would be an amazing thing to experience again~