November 27th, 2010

Gift-Buying is All Done

I'd really like to know why I feel so very tired right now, despite having just had a can of pop to drink. Maybe it's because I waited until about 2am to actually eat something (aside from a chocolate danish and jelly beans), or maybe that walk earlier took more out of me than I thought. It wasn't bad all in all, although I did ask for a ride home from Taco Bell because Manoah was done at 10 and I was just making it back there then, but that was due to all the stuff I was carrying. Four decidedly heavy and awkward bags, and it gave me a chance to talk to his Mom and Tryphena about the Christmas party. I had forgotten that Tryphena still hasn't been asked to do any office work, so guess what? She wasn't invited. Which is kind of funny because I've yet to do any office work this year myself, but I can understand why, and will still be returning in February. As for their Mom, she is going, and said I should let her know if I wanted a ride, but I still like the idea of walking out there for now. It just remains to be seen how I'll feel about waking up around 10 and being out the door by quarter after eleven in the morning.

Anyways though, my Christmas shopping is now complete. I bought Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and two of those 8-packs of peanut butter cups for Adam, a package of caramel Kisses for Mom, a box of Jelly Belly jelly beans for Naomi, and a box of thin mints for Dad. Yeah. That might not sound too bad on it's own, but I also bought quite a bit for myself, including but not limited to three boxes of cereal from Real Canadian Superstore because I'm pretty sure they were on sale, and yet another blanket. I truly do have more blankets, comforters, sheets, etc. than I know what to do with, and I'll quite certainly never be able to use all of them at once (it would be fun, but if it didn't make me uncomfortably warm I would probably be unable to move underneath the pile), but whatever. This was my night for me, although going back to Christmas gifts for a moment, I also stopped at the bank on the way in to transfer $100 to my savings and trade in the five twenties I had for a second hundred-dollar bill. There is (or was), however, a bad part to the night, and I mean aside from the ridiculous amount of money I spent earlier. I checked Real Canadian Superstore's website when I got home, and saw that this year they'll only be open until midnight. Walmart's hours still remain to be seen, but that is a letdown. Still though, midnight is better than nothing, so I might have to take one or two trips out there. And maybe also walk out to McDonalds for breakfast one morning. Even though I could do the same thing as soon as tomorrow night - get done work around 4, go out to the Tim Hortons on Bloomfield, which'll take me about another hour to get out to, and on the way back stop at McDonalds. Simple, but I also have to work for the next three nights, so the only Tim Hortons I'll be seeing is if somebody asks if anybody wants anything.

As for other concerns, well, nothing really comes to mind right now, which is most likely a good thing, and I think since I'm in a decent mood right now and it is finally 6, that I will go to bed. I don't expect anything of particular interest to happen tomorrow, but that's okay, because I'd like to just have a normal day for once. Preferably without work, but whatever to that as well. Two days off followed by two closes and a supper shift is fair enough, and maybe I'll be able to actually focus on work for once~