Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Fun Sleep

Went to bed at 3, and like last time I did that (went to bed early), I woke up two hours later. Just had to go to the bathroom though, so I stumbled across the hall, took care of that, and went back to sleep. Woke up some minutes later because my fan was too loud (or something like that - all I know is when I turned it down to "1" it went away), but then went back to sleep again after that.

Then I had, well, I suppose you'd call it an intriguing dream. One of them where you want to find out what happened / happens after you've woken up.

When it started, me, and someone else (I couldn't tell who specifically) were swimming through what seemed to be an underground tunnel, of sorts, with dark blue walls, that had single square-sized patches of what looked like wood scattered all about. On the floors, walls, even ceilings.

So we swam for a bit, and then the dream "restarted". We ended up back at the beginning of the tunnel, swimming forward once again. But that time, I got a bit curious and swam up to one of the squares of wood, and touched it, causing it to swing inward, revealing another "tunnel" behind it, with even more trapdoors, we'll call them, because they really looked like the trapdoors from Marble Blast Gold.

As a note first though, the tunnel we were in at the start of the dream was more or less straight. It went up and down, and to the left and right at times, but it was mostly straight. And also, there were no rounded edges. Everything was square, seemingly entirely made up of same-sized cubes.

The tunnel *behind* the trapdoor was different though. Still all blocky and square, but much, much bigger. Several paths branching off to the sides in different places, with outcroppings scattered about the walls, as well as "stalactites" hanging from the ceiling, etc.

In to the larger tunnel we swam (of course), and as we went, I mumbled something to myself: "1000 rooms". Sort of like from a videogame or something. So we swam for a bit, over to the right, I think, and finally came into sight of what looked like a large button, diagonally down and to our right. So down I went, and tried standing on it first: nothing. Jumping up and coming down on it with both feet: nothing. Standing off to the side and stomping down on it with one foot (which I could swear I actually did in my bed): nothing.

As another note here maybe it's just the power of suggestion or something, but thinking about it right now, the button resembled those you find in the Shy Guys' Toy Box, in Paper Mario. You know the ones that change the direction the train goes? Those ones. Unfortunately, for those that don't, I can't find a picture of it either :\

Gave up on it though, and swam along for a bit more until we came to an even larger room. By the time we got there though, we'd managed to turn right around. To illustrate, the button I'd tried (unsuccessfully) to do anything with, was up and to our right by then. So we'd gone along the tunnel for a bit more, found another room, then turned around to face the other direction.

The new room was, well, to say anything, large. There were three small tunnels right at the bottom, separated by walls (of course), and on top of them, there was just a big mass of rock, still dark blue colored, still pointy and square. It was then that I started to notice little shiny dots about the place, varying in colors, but seemingly placed according to some sort of pattern - something that had to have been done manually before we got there. Ignoring those, however, I swam down into the right-hand tunnel (I think), and noticed another button, but ignored it, and swam past, only to be asked by whoever else was with me to "shoot it with the bits".

Star bits, from Super Mario Galaxy. So I shot at the button, and about five got stuck in some groove next to it, causing it to light up, and sink into the ground as if it had been pressed.

For some reason though, after that, I just swam right up to wherever we'd entered from, making sure to collect the star bits along the way (yes, by pointing at them :p)

The next bit consisted of us running through the halls of what looked like some sort of school, looking for an entrance back into the water. As we passed by it, they suggested the pool, but I told them we might not be able to reach "it" from there. So down to the end of the hall we went, and took a right, to find ourselves in some sort of computer room. "The tunnel" was right next to it, making me quite certain that we'd find the entrance in there somewhere, but someone came up to us, and asked us what we were doing. Took him to a little window of sorts, through which you could see a part of the tunnel (but wasn't big enough to fit through), and touched one of the trapdoors, and told him "1000 rooms. You go in there and have to do stuff".

He consented, and let us continue searching. Walked up to the very first computer in the row of them, and looked down, to see a bit of water. Reached down to make sure nothing was in the way, and came up with what looked like a PDA plugged into some sort of charger. Told the "instructor" that whoever's it was might want to take better care of it in the future, and got ready to jump down into the water, but unfortunately realized there wasn't enough room to squeeze through. We turned around, and started looking for other entrances, but then I flipped over in bed or something, causing light from the window to hit my eyes, which woke me up :\

I would've liked to find out just what the purpose of the tunnel was, and what would happen if you activated all the buttons, and especially if there actually were 1000 rooms. It was sort of strange too, because I knew what I was going to do before I actually did it. I think the term for that is called lucid dreaming, but this particular example seems to be stretching it just a bit.

And then there was also one more that I remembered the details of when I woke up at 5, but can't now :s

Otherwise, normal afternoon. Work at 8, presumably with one other closer (oh yay), then most likely the same tomorrow and Tuesday night. It wouldn't be so bad if the openers would stop complaining about us not doing this and that.

Anyways, that'll have to be it for now, because Mom and Dad are in here at the moment, and sooner or later they're going to start asking "What are you doing?"

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