January 2nd, 2011

Half of What I Need

Here's where it starts to get a little annoying. As mentioned previously, Mary wants, or rather has expressed a desire to pay me to make one of those cakes for her, but left work that night without saying another word to me. Meanwhile, we can also skip ahead to yesterday night after work, when Manoah and Tryphena's mom arrived to pick them up, and I asked if she would like to try one of the cookies I had baked, which led to getting a ride home from her as well, because I didn't think it would work very well to stop at 7-11 and Tim Hortons and still have to keep track of the large plastic container the cookies were in. So anyways, off we went, while the three of them talked about things, and eventually Linda asked for a couple more of the cookies, saying they were really good. I had more than enough, and the "really good" was nice to hear, so I passed a couple more up to Tryphena so she could put them on the dashboard, and we continued on driving until we finally reached my house. Their first question was "Whose car is that?" in reference to the black one that now belongs to Adam and Trish, and when I answered that they began asking about Adam and Trish theirselves, and eventually I ran out of things to say, so I opened the door and stuck one leg out, which got me one last comment from Linda saying the cookies were really good, and also prompted her to ask "If I wanted a dozen more, how much would that cost?" I really didn't know what to say, but didn't want to come up with anything too low or too high, so I said "Ten dollars?", and she seemed satisfied with that, so off I went. Meanwhile, just as with Mary that says absolutely nothing for when she wants them, and I sent her an email last night to that effect, but still haven't received a response. I wouldn't mind an extra $35, because at the moment it'd just about cover what I spent online the other night, but it otherwise isn't overly helpful when people say "I would like this", but give no indication as to when. Yeah.

In other news though, work yesterday. I went in expecting to be open until 9, but apparently I was mistaken, and in such I worked the most pointless shift ever. 5-7pm, plus an extra hour and fifteen minutes or so for cleaning up, even after which the place was still a mess, because Manoah and Tryphena have no standards. It's all about turning the volume on the radio up to the point where the speakers are practically rattling, going out for a smoke (at least in Manoah's case), then trying to clean up and get out while simultaneously giving the least amount of effort possible. Their messiness aside though, I seem to have a way with people. Starting at work yesterday, literally just after I changed into my uniform and went up front to start, a customers started piling into both the dining room and drive through, with large enough orders that it was taking up to fifteen minutes for them to finish being made. Partly my fault, but that lasted until about 6:30, and for that hour and a half was just ridiculously busy. With that in mind, skip ahead to when I went to 7-11 after work, picked out the things I wanted to buy, and went up to the counter. At that exact moment, I was the only one standing there, but before I'd paid and walked away, a line of five or six other people were waiting behind me. The same thing didn't happen at Tim Hortons, thankfully, but it was still strange to notice. And just a little bit stressful too, because when everybody else is waiting for you, things seem to take so much longer than normal.

Aside from that though, it's almost funny to notice how I'm actually sort of looking forward to tonight, even though I don't have any specific plans. When I first woke up I was very anxious and slightly depressed at the thought of having to work again, but before too long I remembered that it was only Sunday, which meant that I had another night off, which is another night to do, well, just about anything I want with. Everybody else apparently went out to Colasanti's earlier, which I was invited to as well, but no. If I did, I would have gone back to sleep as soon as we made it back home, and would probably still be out right now, which isn't to say that I wouldn't have liked to go, but not at ~9am. There just might be donuts downstairs right now though, and after that, well, I suppose I could start by trying to find out why cFosSpeed only seems to be making my connection to the internet slower right now. Yesterday it took about half an hour to download a 14MB file, and earlier this afternoon close to 5 minutes for a ~4MB wallpaper, but these details aren't of any particular interest right now. Only if I can figure out what the problem is~