January 6th, 2011

It's Convenient for Him

I know he probably didn't mean it, but still, I like the way Adam worked this out. He left with Trish and Ericka on Wednesday afternoon, presumably to see that they got back home safely and to stay there until whenever they come up in March, but while I was downstairs in the kitchen making cookies on Tuesday night, he said I would have to take Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood back to EB Games and exchange it for Halo: Reach myself, because he wouldn't be able to. At that exact moment I suggested we simply ask Mom or Dad about getting a ride out to EB Games to take care of it right then, but he said that wasn't possible, because they (he and Trish) were busy packing. That's fine enough too, I guess, if it weren't for the fact that the item I'm supposed to be exchanging is a gift, and therefore if any extra needs to be paid, he should be the one to cover it. Just as I wouldn't have been willing to return that external hard drive and cover the difference to buy a camera for Naomi even if Staples did accept the return, gift-giving is not an obligation, therefore spending more to get the recipient exactly what they wanted is not either. Alas, he's gone, and EB Games' deadline for holiday returns is the 14th of January, and I already need to go out that way later this afternoon for other things. Well, mostly just a new pair of shoes, but then also several more packages of peanut butter cups (about six, so I have plenty to make cookies with), a new bag of oatmeal, and vanilla. Or possibly just the ingredients I need to make the first recipe in my book. Oatmeal cookies are good, but have become a bit tiresome of late, and as mentioned before, I've made enough of them that I've memorized the recipe, so I really ought to try something new. Maybe not as soon as tonight, but next time I feel like baking something. Notwithstanding these boxes of cupcake mix, but I think they will go unprepared for the time being as a protest over being given muffin mix for Christmas. It just doesn't make sense ;_;

The random topic switch won't make much sense either, but the next thing I have to talk about is work last night. For the first several hours, I was pretty irritable because it seemed like literally every time she turned around, Gabby would find something else of what I was doing to complain about, and I only wish I closed tonight because it would be fun to give her a few things to think about of her own regarding the sorry state the dining room was in after she closed it and left last night, but I digress. I was somewhat testy because of her, but more because I was once again doing the exact same thing(s) as I do every other night I close. Seriously, I need to ask Melissa about getting a week or two with supper shifts mixed in, because I can't keep this doing-the-same-thing-over-and-over-and-over up for much longer. Or at least that's the way I feel right now. Anyways, I was obviously somewhat impatient with George for the first couple hours as well, but once I finished the dishes and was able to move on to other things, my mood improved somewhat. Skip ahead to the end of the night though, and I changed out of my uniform then went up front to sweep, but George was still up there doing his manager-work, and he asked me to take care of a couple things he'd forgotten. I jokingly told him "Well, I'm not sure about that, because those were your responsibility", meanwhile thinking "Yeah, I'll take care of that, but it's still your responsibility", and then he just randomly comes out with a confrontational "What the hell is with your attitude tonight?" I may not have had an attitude (once again, as I saw it), but the quickest way to "give" me one is to say something like that. Then, however, in a rather contradictory move, he also asked just as we were leaving if I was going to Tim Hortons, because he would buy. So we went, again, and just as an unrelated observation, even donuts are becoming too... heavy for my tastes now. Much too doughy (of course, when spelled differently they are doughnuts) and thick, so for the time being I'll just be content with buying drinks from there. Those are much better.

Anyways though, I have about an hour left before we head out, and I think I'll use that time to work on re-tagging this remaining music by Stratovarius now. I need something to take my mind off of other matters, because I'm pretty angry already today too, as I've been waiting over a week to talk to somebody online, only for them to come on and go off a couple hours before I woke up. I don't know why I bother, sometimes, but also, to the individuals who keep searching Google for livejournal karadur, hello. The URL for my LiveJournal is actually fairly easy to remember, but yesterday night will have been the second time I've seen multiple referred visits of that sort. And then somebody else found their way here by searching for "manoah hand" or "manoah * hand" or "hand, manoah". Curious, but now I have music to re-tag~