January 20th, 2011

I'm Too Easily Distracted

At least I got one day in. Then last night came along and just as I was going to start writing an entry, I got sidetracked with Half-Life 2: Episode 2, and ended up playing that until about 7:30, after which I was too tired and distracted to do anything else, leading to just going straight to sleep. It's interesting, but whether because I've been staying up until 8 pretty consistently lately, or some other reason I haven't thought of yet, I'm waking up less and less frequently now to check my emails and such. I will once or twice, of course, but not four or five times within the span of several hours like before, and I attribute that to none other than not having nearly as much stuff on my mind lately. Don't get me wrong though. I am still quite distraught and frustrated over things, but unlike before, they're mostly private matters instead of things that directly involve other people. There's actually only one person who's still a part of this, and as I said before, I asked them to set everything that I'd said aside, primarily because I didn't want their choosing to answer now, somewhat after the fact to affect my mood, but also because I'm equally frustrated with them. Nowadays they're hardly ever around, and only responded to my emails - back before I told them to hold off - when I asked them a general (as opposed to personal) question. Of course, only I could be so utterly dependent on talking to people and being paid attention to to let that upset me, so I'll give it until the end of, oh, February, for now, and if we haven't talked by then, silently move on. I need to do exactly the same just here though, lest the tone of this entire entry gets dragged down.

I actually made up a short list of things to write about today before I went to bed last night, so in no particular order, we have that Brandon paid me back, first of all. As soon as I saw him at work yesterday night, I asked "Do you have my money?", and he eagerly said it had been in the safe since Friday. Yes, Friday, so in other words, I went to work that night and closed, but nothing was said about it, then did the same thing on Saturday except with a supper shift, and on Sunday once again with another close with George, which could've all been avoided if Brandon just gave me a call to say "Your money is in the safe" instead of assuming that I would keep checking back day after day, but I have it now, and I think at some point tonight will head out to the bank to deposit it. Where "think" is the key word, mind you, because I am completely and utterly opposed to getting snacks from 7-11 or Tim Hortons tonight. Not again, and while I might be able to go for another poutine from Harvey's, I would rather wait to see what things Mom and Naomi bring home from grocery shopping. Even just sliced ham would be nice, but we'll see, I suppose. Anyways though, one of the other things Brandon said was that he liked my "hat" (something new I have to take a picture of eventually), which reminds me of a related comment I heard Naomi making to one of her friends the other night. Apparently the "day I start going out in full suits is the day she says o...kay", which bothers me in such that it's none of her business. In the end I just said "That's fine with me", and then something about kids talking behind other peoples' backs, which isn't annoying so much as proof of what having an audience does.

Anyways, the next thing on my list, related to the above in that I was initially somewhat worried that she was still reading my entries here and thus was aware of recent... business, is / are more curious entries in Google Analytics. The search term livejournal karadur is still there, with exactly one visit coming from it, but also this time are entries for live journal "provides access" comment (evidently it's not a contained issue), and conceptis puzzles nds cheats magipic, which I'd almost completely forgotten about. Remember back on January first how I said I couldn't think of anything I'd done with the rest of my year (before October)? That was truly about the extent of it. Sad and frustrating in a way, but now I also want to find that person and say "If you need help with Magipic, I have all the solutions worked out, but the odds of that are slim. Just about the same as when that unnamed person left a comment asking where to find a song from Tales of the Abyss before, but that was at least three years ago.

I don't think I'll have enough time to get to the fourth item on this list, but it's a bit early for that anyways, leaving the last, single-word item: cookies. Mom and Brandon made both chocolate chip muffins and cookies yesterday night, but tonight I will be putting together this variety with white chocolate and coconut. Now that I'm feeling mostly better, but along the same lines, I need to ask Orlando about the cake pan I lent him. I have his phone number though, so I might as well go try that right now, and then see about procuring some breakfast. Nothing more than muffins and cookies, of course, but I need to get some before they're gone~