February 2nd, 2011

Some Well-Founded Hopefulness

As it's still snowing out, I feel it only reasonable to get my hopes up that work will be negatively affected in some way (where the obvious effect is not having to go there tonight). Sadly, given that nobody's called yet, I can only assume I'll be going in to a slow night, which wouldn't be as bad if I could count on the supper staff to have things caught up. Sunday was an exception because George worked over supper then and made sure all of the dishes were done by the time I walked in, but if he even shows up tonight, that won't be until 8:00. As for whether or not he'll show up, last time it snowed quite a bit like this, he wasn't able to make it in, and Manoah had to cover his shift, so I can virtually guarantee what will happen tonight. The only unfortunate part about that (if it does end up happening) is how George will miss getting several more seasons of Doctor Who again. But of course until I hear or see otherwise, there is always a chance of him making it in and us collectively complaining about how work can't close early even one night. Well, staying within the rules, of course.

In the meantime I suppose I should be thankful I don't have to go to Heart and Stroke today after all, for one. I am getting slightly tired of these constant delays again, because I'd like to do some work there before the end of March, but closing the office for at least a day and pushing me back another two weeks is new. Although if I haven't said it before, it does beg the question of what's changed between previous years and now. Even just last year, I went there regularly on Wednesday to just help out with assorted tasks around the office. Things that come to mind are folding pamphlets, putting things into envelopes, and helping with smaller computer-related tasks, but not anymore, however, I am still able to do those things, so what is it? Has my additional help become unnecessary now that they have more office volunteers? Has Michele or somebody else realized that I would much rather devote my full efforts to P2P receipting for one part of the year and have the rest off? Towards the first, that's one reason I'm not terribly looking forward to going back. In the past, the office was nice and quiet most afternoons I went there, yet I have every indication to believe it's going to be more of an actual office-like atmosphere now, which is why I am very glad I will have my PSP. As for preferring to help with only one large task, yeah, and once again I have to recall how the first year I helped with that receipting, I swore I would never do it again unless they paid me for it. Of course, that was back when I had my priorities less in order, and they're in roughly the same state now (albeit in regards to different things), so yeah. Maybe I should just not think about it too much, because it's most certainly done me alot of good here.

As such, about the only thing I have to do right now is look forward to tomorrow. We're going out to get our hair cut, which will be stressful enough with the roads the way they are, but this time Naomi wants to come along as well, which is only going to extend everything by a good while. To be quite honest, the only reason I actually want to go is to visit Tim Hortons afterward and buy a tea from there instead of the usual apple ciders and such that I've purchased on previous visits to Tilbury. Or something like that. For now though, I'm going back to hoping for a call from work, and uploading pictures taken from when I went out in the snow to get a couple drinks last night. Only four, compared to last time I did the same and took 7, but I can definitely take some more on the way to work tonight, and then home again since by that time the snow is supposed to have stopped. Maybe~