February 3rd, 2011

...and So the Trend Continues

I am absolutely positive that when I laid down to go to sleep last night, my fan was on, yet when I woke up again, only a couple hours later, it was off. Just as I have managed to turn the volume down on my laptop when I had the alarm clock set (well, Kukuklok), and throw everything on the table into disarray when having a dream involving something on it, I don't understand how I manage those things. Obviously I don't remember doing them, as weird as that feeling is as well, but it makes me wonder what I'm going to do next. Send emails out while I'm asleep? It's quite possible, because during those few minutes that I was awake trying to figure out why my fan was off, I opened my laptop and checked my spam for whatever reason, and could be almost certain I saw two non-spam messages in there. One was from OpenMedia.ca, and the other, well, I don't remember. I think it might have been from Future Shop, because I bought a 16GB SD card from the website since it was only available online, and have no fewer than five emails from them regarding that purchase and account creation, but while I marked the OpenMedia.ca message as not being spam, I can't find the other one. Either I moved it somewhere, or it's just me, and the latter is quite possible, because I did stare at the screen for a fair span of time just trying to remember what I was doing.

So suffice it to say it's been a pretty detached day thus far. Waking up at noon wasn't fun, but going to Tilbury was uneventful otherwise, and I think I'm going to go out to Harvey's for supper again to use this other coupon I have, lest I forget it's in my wallet. In regards to the day though, it's just... without looking at the clock, I would not believe that it was already 6, yet we got home at ~3:30, and I've been sitting here since waiting on TeraCopy and thinking about what to say. Such as how I had a fun night on a whole yesterday, with a tiny bit of reservation for the walk to work because of what little I had eaten before I left (Special K and a can of Pepsi). The most notable parts were going to the same Tim Hortons twice in one night (the one just up the street, which I visited once before work, and once after), trying to get used to the new menu at work, and randomly watching an entire episode of Iron Chef America, after I told George my story about burning the coconut and ruining the white chocolate I was going to make cookies with, because he was wondering what the difference between the two types of chocolate (brown and white) were. Then he ended up indirectly asking for all of the series (Iron Chef America) that I'd downloaded, which finished copying just as the episode ended, followed by him going back home, and me being amazed at how late it was.

Another thing of rather important interest is this. I'm still not going to exhale until March gets here and I'm able to see just how much money TekSavvy has taken from my card, but it is heartening. I even donated $20 to the site mentioned above, because it's not as if essentially giving that amount of money away will irrevocably damage things. What's interesting about that is how it'll be only my third or fourth donation in my entire life to any place, but it's nice to have helped, even just a little bit. The other two places are, of course, Heart and Stroke and the International Snow Leopard Trust, and I suppose three are better than none in the end. I still need to show that article to Dad though, because he'll probably be interested in reading it, and I want to check what is being made for supper here tonight. I've already had a pop, a green tea, a yogurt, and a donut today, and would get a poutine and two burgers from Harvey's, along with stopping at Tim Hortons on the way back to get a caramel cafe mocha just to have tried it, and I'm not sure how much room that leaves me with. It's curious though, how both yesterday and right now, even though I've eaten, I'm still hungry. Extremely so, in fact, but overeating will not do, so I'll just try my best to ignore it.

Anyways though, it's about time I stopped this rambling and took care of other things. Starting with that article, since it is good~