February 9th, 2011

Everything Takes a While

I like how one simple side-task of pruning things in uTorrent back a bit turns into this. The first bump I hit was with a torrent of Mungyodance 1, 2, and 3. They're no longer available from the official site, and as luck would have it somebody was kind enough to make a torrent of them, and it's all downloaded now (all 6.5GB), and I just haven't made it to installing any of them yet, for something else I want to do first. Maybe it's just me, but my mind works in such a way that causes it to say "Hey, those files were removed, which means they're somewhat rare, so I should make a backup". That is almost certainly not a problem on its own, because I do have an external drive with an entire folder dedicated to random files that don't fit anywhere else, but the problem is every time I plug that drive in Windows asks to scan it for errors, and as it's the same drive I almost lost all the data on before, I figured it was finally time to click "Okay" and let it do its thing. That was back at ~3 in the morning, and it is now 4:30 in the afternoon. A little bit of the progress bar is filled - about three pixels in width - but otherwise it's going to take quite a while. What will also take a while is my fussiness with file formats. I recently downloaded another torrent for seasons 4 through 10 of the UK version of Whose Line is it Anyway. Problem is, seasons 5 through 9 are all in .wmv format, which means what? That I'm re-encoding all of them to AVIs. I don't have the time for this, but at the same time I do, so hopefully it works out for the best in the end.

You see, what with this still being the last official month of unlimited internet, I got to doing some research the other day, and came up with interesting numbers. In January, while Adam was away staying with Trish, we used 320GB. A pretty modest amount, considering Naomi and I were the only ones using the internet in any great capacity, but what makes it even better is how of that 320GB, only 134 went to download, and a fantastic 186 went in the other direction - uploading. Unfortunately, my statistics in uTorrent were reset a little while ago, but I remember seeing, before that happened, that my overall ratio was up over 1.000 again, which means that was probably me, considering all the downloading I was doing. Compared to now when only two torrents are doing anything remotely interesting (Doctor Who and Looney Tunes), but give me time, and I'll almost certainly think of more to download. As for right now, if that drive-scanning would hurry up I could move on to the rest of these completed torrents, but as some of them are for TV shows, and the drive with all of those on it is currently being used for format-conversion, I can't.

So instead I'm busying myself with this, and thinking all the same thoughts as I was yesterday - "I should go out to Tim Hortons as soon as I'm done here", and "Maybe I'll go to 7-11 for a sub and candies later tonight...", but as mentioned yesterday, that isn't really an option, and since I think I effectively proved that these don't get read all that often, I might as well say why. When I checked yesterday, my checking account balance was ~$197. That wouldn't be so bad on its own, because we get paid this week and Thursday is right around the corner, but then consider that I recently sent somebody $30 to pay for a commission (somebody who was on my list before I resolved to wrap things up with everybody instead of constantly finding new people to get things from), and it's down to $167. $170, for the sake of argument. I hate that. I can't even go to the bank and withdraw $220 to give to Mom and Dad until I get paid, and I don't want to transfer anything from my savings account, meanwhile I have all of these nagging urges to go out for snacks, and it's all very fun. In the worst way possible, of course, but I suppose this is where that 3-day rule would apply. If I can make it three days without going to 7-11 or Tim Hortons or anywhere else, then I can make it any other length of time, but as yesterday was only day 1, it feels like it'll take forever. The dumb thing is how I have enough stuff to make at least three batches of cookies with, and the only reason I haven't made those is because I don't want to wash the dishes afterwards. But as for the money, here's hoping for ~$500 this week. Probably not, but hopefully it goes in sometime before we go grocery shopping tomorrow, so I can ask to stop at the bank on the way there. It's not fun, but I've been going on and on about needing something else to focus on recently, and this certainly fits that role. Not to the point where I become overwhelmingly upset about it or anything, but it's certainly quite a bit more distressing than other potential issues.

As for today though, I'm not sure. I probably will give that new cookie recipe another try, and if it doesn't work out again, just make more of the oatmeal peanut butter chunk variety. Even though chocolate chips would be alot nicer to have for those, but they are, as yet, quite literally a luxury I cannot afford. Or at least I hope to make cookies, because we might not have enough brown sugar, and if those don't work out, I'm... not sure. Walk up to work to get my pay stub and withdraw $20 on the way, so I can have ten to give to Mom with a twenty as gas money, and ten for myself? The sad part is how I could very easily spend the entire ten dollars (or close to it) between 7-11 and Tim Hortons, but yeah. Being poor is not at all a nice feeling, so it'll just serve as more incentive for me to not spend unnecessarily. Time to resume waiting for these other tasks to complete though, and in the meantime work on Megaman Battle Network 3 some more. I'm up to the middle of the hospital scenario, so at very least, I could have that done by the end of the day. Maybe~