February 23rd, 2011

It Needed to be Done

Not to be repetitive about it or anything, but it's funny how simple changes can be so liberating. I closed the tab I had previously always left open to Google Analytics earlier tonight, because it goes completely against what I want to get back to. Not to mention I was seeing only one or two new visits per day, several coming from somebody searching for snow leopard bath salts, if such things even exist, so there's little point. I haven't actually removed the web property ID from my account settings here, so visits will still be kept record of, but only for perusal in the future, if ever I should let curiosity take over and want to have a look. Likewise, I removed several entries from Privoxy's User Actions settings, and also from Windows' hosts file, because I'm better than that. I shouldn't have to forcibly block things as a safeguard against unpredictable emotions, so all that's blocked now is eBay, simply so I don't go searching for things on there and decide "Oh, I want to buy that even though I don't have the money to!" Also by the same token, I've been thinking about things with commissions and such recently, and came to a slightly different conclusion than before. Aside from having dealt with only a couple people who completed their part of the deal in a timely fashion, it's dangerously easy to pay for things directly from my bank account, and have that feeling of satisfaction instantly. The only reason I have that allowance is because my Visa card is linked to my Paypal account, and I don't want to do away with that because it is convenient to have set up, in such that I can buy music and other inexpensive things with it, but towards other online purchases, what I need to start doing is either paying with my Visa, or transferring the funds to my Paypal account first, and then paying with those. The latter takes about a week, and by that point I'll have had enough time to decide if I really want whatever it is that caught my interest before, and the former involves going to Money Mart, which is inconvenient even on nights that I have to work. I mean, let's look at the list of things I'm expecting in the mail right now:

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There would've been a sixth item on that list too, if it weren't for receiving not one but two packages in the mail today, both from Nintendo. Inside were the pouches I redeemed 500 of my Club Nintendo coins for, and they are... nothing else really worth mentioning. I like them, but what am I supposed to say? "Oh, I love these pouches I got! They're so big that I can fit all of my DS games into one, and carry my DS in the other!"? Maybe, but that's something I would only say sarcastically, and it's somewhat difficult to be sarcastic in text. Anyways, aren't I a little worried by freely listing everything I've purchased and am waiting to receive in the mail? Somebody might steal the package, like I suspect they did before, but when I really think about it, that was only one incident. The keychain I was waiting for never showed up, yet when I contacted the seller, they provided me with the entire text of the tracking page I was never given the URL for, showing that the package had apparently been delivered successfully. For all I know it could still be somewhere around here too, because I remember buying CDs from VulpVibe and finding them behind the laundry hamper in the hallway, but if so, it's very well hidden. Speaking of keychains though, the artist / person accepting commissions that I contacted back on the 14th of February still hasn't responded. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but it's kind of ridiculous, in such that the wait continues to get longer and longer, but full months don't even make a difference anymore. In any case, I would also like to make up a list of commissions that I am waiting on in here, mostly as a means of getting used to writing about things again that I was previously holding back on. So here is another list:

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Plus one more, although I'm still undecided on whether or not I want it yet. I'm considering contacting Bladespark about sending the tail I have right now to her, as reference to make a new one, which I would then pay for. That one I have now is pretty beat up, but I washed it just earlier tonight so it's nice and clean, and would rather send it to her so I can get a new tail that's exactly the same length, instead of too long or too short or not rounded on the end like before. The rest is exactly what I mean when I said I want to clear off my commissions list though. Not only because of a curious bit of behavior that I might write about tomorrow since it is fairly interesting, but also because I need to tie up these loose ends.

The rest will actually definitely have to wait until tomorrow. I didn't realize it was already 6:30, and I start work an hour earlier than normal, so sleeping in until 4 again won't do. I still have much more to write about though, so hopefully this mood lasts for more than half a day. I like this feeling, and it would be nice if it were to stick around <3

I Really Love Micromanagement

Woke up at 4 today (yeah, I ended up sleeping in anyways), and for almost half an hour have been sitting, staring at the Files pane in uTorrent, waiting patiently for the last several pieces of the files whose priority I had set to high to complete, only so I could then switch the three of them back to normal, and scroll down to find the next three files to give a higher priority. If speeds remain as they are now, another season of Doctor Who should be done downloading before I leave for work, and I hope so, because then I can switch everything over to the next season in the list, and let that go while I'm away taking care of customers instead of doing naught but seeding until I get back home again. The good thing is that aside from the random unplanned close that George and I worked back on Monday, on which he didn't have his external drive for obvious reasons, we still aren't scheduled to close anytime soon, meaning that at present there is about a 40% chance of having all twenty-six seasons / 201GB downloaded for him by the next time we work. It'd be nice, but I also have a second thing planned for him now, or rather a third, because the second is what I thought of way back when he mentioned how his last shift would be coming up soon - making him and his mom cookies as sort of a final parting gift, because he's a nice guy, and whenever he does go off to start a trucking job, I'll miss him.

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The other thing I want to do is give my journal here a purpose. Something that allows me to say "I'm doing this with it", because even though I'm not supposed to compare myself to other people and be happier for it, I have been extremely distraught lately about how even though I can prove that other person is wrong, they're still creating things and giving back to other people, yet what have I created recently? A guide for Pic Pic, and a guide for Picross DS is about all. Hardly worth considering, in other words. Anyways, what I was thinking last night is starting to write entries in here that would help other people who feel the same way as me deal with those emotions, and move on from them in a careful and respectful manner. Even though it's highly presumptuous of me to even think that there are other people in the world who feel the same way I do about certain aspects of sexuality and emotional difficulties and such, I like the idea of writing entries in here that are meant to teach tolerance and understanding, and I can think of no better way to work through those things myself. They don't all have to be things I'm uncomfortable with either, because there's a fair bit that I'm completely fine with the thought of, that is / are considered bad or vile or evil by the rest of the world. So in other words, it's not so much writing entries designed to force other people to accept alternate ways of thinking, but rather to give them a different perspective on the issue.

I can be better and I will be better, but I really ought to be better right now by responding to the guy I'm commissioning icons from who has been waiting to hear from me for a day and a half now. Which was actually something else I was going to write about, but maybe later. I want to leave for work a little earlier than normal to redeem the free drink "ticket" I have, as well as needing to visit the bank to get gas money, and at present, that gives me about forty minutes. Of course, it'll probably fly by way too quickly, but that's why I should get started now~