March 2nd, 2011

Oh Dear [deity] Will This Ever End

Let's jump right into the cut this time, shall we? Starting from where I left off earlier, my continued correspondence with a certain other person has gone down rapidly, then back up again when I finally put my foot down, then fluctuated a bit over the past hour or so, leading to what I honestly feel is a fair and reasonable resolution. As before, what they said is inside of blue boxes, and my emails are inside of pink borders.

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I really can't think of much else to say right now though. I went out to Tim Hortons earlier after finding that I had more money in my checking account than I thought I did, and now I've won a free donut instead of a drink from my cup, but more than that it was fun for having a brief conversation with the guy who always gives me a hard time about walking around wearing nothing but a t-shirt in the "freezing cold". I ordered a sandwich, and shortly after that, somebody pulled into the drive through wanting one as well, but as I had ordered first, making the last bun that they had mine, the person in the drive through drove off, while the guy working started to chastise me by saying "Look at what you did!" and so on. I eventually interjected to say that the same thing had happened to me more times than I can count at work, leading him to ask where I worked, and from there, for some odd reason, if everybody talked behind each others' backs. As odd as that was though, the walk was nice, as was having that quick conversation with somebody else to remind me that there were other things to talk about in the world besides the state of a story that I commissioned over half a year ago.

What's also good is that the odds of Doctor Who being completely downloaded by Monday night are now 100%. It's finished. Before midnight, in fact, and all 774 files are now tucked away on one of my external hard drives, all nicely organized, and all consistently named. I'm kind of looking forward to him coming over here too, because I actually have to give him seasons 16 through 34 now, as 27 through 34 were all numbered four lower than they should've been. I figure those files will take a fair while to copy, so what can we do in the meantime? Same thing as before - head out to the other Tim Hortons near here, then come back, whereupon I can give him all the cardboard tubes Dad set aside for me to give him for his hedgehogs, eventually disconnect his external drive and send him back home, and only hope I can find those other two plastic containers before our last shift together.

Third, I now have a new icon, which I'm using for this entry only to show it off this once, and which will be used after this for any entries where I talk more about games or computer-related things than I do usual matters. It's cute though, and my only regret is that I haven't the presence of mind to write a coherent response to the author right now saying that I really like it. On a final note, I'm going to bed. Seriously, I might even skip writing an entry tomorrow afternoon just to have time to recuperate, but that'll be cut somewhat short by having to start work at 7 instead of 8. Then the day after that I will be required to wake up at 1pm to go to Heart and Stroke. Lovely and such, but my main concern for now is being asleep by or before 8am. It might actually be possible tonight too...

We Still Aren't Done Yet

Just to provide one more bit of transparency, spread out over two messages, I sent the following to the same person I've been corresponding with after posting the previous entry, the first message before I went to bed, and the second after I woke up. Unfortunately, I have to fill five or six more lines here so the first pink border in the cut below doesn't overlap my userpic, so let's see. Is this situation still ridiculous? Yes, but it is going remarkably well for talking to somebody I would've thought wanted nothing more to do with me. Thinking though, even if he does accept the changes below, how will they impact anything? Is having a clear statement that our definitions of the word differ really going to solve this? What I want is a comment that conclusively tells the one person who has asked thus far (that I know of) and anybody else who may do so in the future "For any other stories containing the word, "Hollow" is just another word for autism. For Prized Possession, however, it is a single word that describes the way the commissioner thinks, acts, and feels, and which he would prefer to remain undefined, for the sake of it remaining ambiguous. He doesn't want specific statements to be made about him, in other words. I think the second message below actually says all of that though, so here are the newest pieces of correspondence:

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Of course, he still has to accept those changes himself, but I hope he does without any further difficulty, as I have to leave for work in less than an hour, and would really like this to be done and over with. The only reason I can see it being rejected is because it essentially says "What he wants isn't what I wanted", but that's exactly why we're having this problem. Make me out to be a bad guy (note that I said "a", not "the") if you must, which is why all of these messages have been posted in my entries here over the past couple days - for anybody else to see how this played out. For all I know he could've done the same thing himself, or maybe the reason he's suddenly so willing to comply with my request(s) is because I'm posting these publicly (I haven't mentioned doing so to him though), but one way or the other, as before, I'm almost certain the second message in italic text above is something I could live with.

As for other news, not much else has happened today. I woke up at 3 thanks to my alarm clock, to get ready for tomorrow and such, had a roll of "Sweet Tarts Shockers" candies and a can of pop for breakfast, plan to get the free donut that I "won" last night before work, probably with a tea since I'd need something to drink with it, and... that is all. No packages in the mail (still), although the person I bought those batteries from responded to say that they'd just gotten notification that due to China's Spring Festival, the number of packages being shipped has increased dramatically, thus the delay. I was given a link to the tracking page too, but the last update to it came on the 2nd of February, and says Departured from SFC location, 02/02/2011 09:20, Shenzhen. So I don't know. I could probably make do with what I have right now, and contact them again at the middle of March if they're still not here, but it'd be nice if they were. I do need to respond to them though, and also respond to the person I got the icon from that I used in my previous entry, so I'm off to do those, and hopefully I come home from work to a response to the messages in the cut that says "I've hidden the old comments, and posted a new one with what you said in your last message". But yes, I have other things to do first~