March 6th, 2011

Something About Personal Space

I both like and find it rather odd how quickly George manages to make himself comfortable in my room when I step out for a few minutes. He came over after work last night, since he remembered to bring his hard drive then, and it was quickly learned that the last 16 seasons of Doctor Who would take about an hour and a half to copy over. That was at 4:30 too, but he just shrugged when I told him how long of a wait it would be, and then I ended up going straight to giving him his surprise of a box full of cardboard tubes to give to his hedgehogs to play in, followed by laying down while he sat down on the floor and talking about things for a bit. After a short while, once we'd both run out of things to say for a moment, I reached over for my Gameboy Micro and instructed him to play Wario Ware for a bit, which was entertainment enough, I guess, and after watching that for a while, reached down for a can of Pepsi, drank it, and then noticed how hungry I still was, which eventually led to deciding I would leave him upstairs, because I didn't think he would do anything, and go make a snack. The first time I came back upstairs, after filling my water bottles, he was still sitting on the floor, but playing Megaman Zero instead, and then the second time, after I'd prepared my toast, came back up here to find him actually laying on my bed, watching the copying progress. Upon entering the room he told me it would be another ten minutes, and shortly after that stood up again, while I ate a piece of toast and eventually instructed him to look through two of my game guides / books that were almost all Japanese, for something to pass the last ten minutes with. Then I accidentally ripped the spine on my Twilight Princess guide, but only at the top, which, even as bad as that may be is still better than the condition some of my older guides are in, and just... yeah.

For some reason that reminds me of going to Walmart just to look around back when videogames were of more interest (at least to me), and flipping through the rack of guides. So many of them were in such awful shape from people doing just what we were - picking them up, perhaps not so gently just to flip through, then putting them back down again - that I'd be surprised if anybody willingly purchased one of them. Sure, my guides for Pokémon Red and Blue (one guide for both games) and Ocarina of Time are in decidedly poor shape (I signed my name in at least one of them, and they're both tattered and somewhat torn and have pages creased and folded where they shouldn't be, and pen markings where there should be none either (Ocarina of time especially, because there's a fold-out map in the center of the guide, with places in which to write the songs you learn in the game, even though there's a subscreen devoted to those and other quest-status things in the game itself), and... what am I trying to say with all of this? I'm not sure, but it has something to do with actually collecting them now. I may flip through them only on occasion, but that doesn't mean I like having them any less. Getting back to George though, it was just strange, I suppose. I do remember one time before where he came looking for me after I was away for a bit, so obviously it's because I told him I was just going down to the kitchen, and that I'd be back, but I don't remember saying "Make yourself comfortable". It's not like that's a terribly big deal though (oh no, he laid on my bed, now I'll feel all awkward sleeping in / on it!) and he has all the rest of Doctor Who, so that's... good. I'm still keeping them on my 1TB external drive, just in case they're needed in the future (maybe I'll finally get curious enough to want to watch them), but otherwise that just leaves cookies if and when I get some more peanut butter cups. Speaking of which, I should probably make some of those after work tonight, or when I get home tomorrow so I can bring them in to Heart and Stroke on Wednesday, but... we'll see. I would like to, but that doesn't automatically mean that I will.

I need to go have a shower before I do anything else today though, but before that, I like how this has worked out. Yesterday night around this time, the ground was almost bare of snow again, and now, after pretty much the whole night worth of snow falling, it's all back <3 The walk to work last night was exceptionally fun for that very reason, so hopefully this isn't the last of it quite yet. George (once again) told me that if I liked it so much I should just move up north, and yes, I think I could live with that. As long as I have some form of warm, cozy shelter to retreat to at night, I would love to live someplace that gets such snowstorms so regularly, and I can already feel this unpleasantness related to the sun coming up earlier and earlier as the days and weeks go on rapidly approaching. Sure, it might not be all bad, because I still want to work a weekend night where we don't get out until around 4:30 (which we might have quite a few more of now, thanks to new time-consuming rules we have to follow at the end of the night) so I can walk up to McDonalds for breakfast, and that'd be kind of neat if the sun was coming up by the time I got home. Only for the first couple of those trips, probably, but yes, it's time for a shower, and after that, I'm not sure yet...