March 14th, 2011

One Definition of "Insanity"

Will I regret this tomorrow? Yes, most definitely, but today's events overall stirred up a mostly-forgotten memory from several years ago. It was the night that we were just returning from MFF, getting home quite late and out of it from an eight-hour mostly silent drive (ride on my part), when to start things off, some guy I'd seen at furmeets prior came into the apartment to talk for a bit, and took enough interest in the back of my neck that he asked "What is that?" in reference to the little bit of my tattoo that was visible above my shirt, which I then had to pull up to let them look at it. Not that that's really related, but it's one of the single-digit number of times that people have asked to see my tattoo, so yeah. Getting on with the memory though, after a bit of sitting and relaxing and doing other things I can't quite remember, I got up and told Madius I was headed out to get some food, and he responded with a brash and annoyed "...I just made dinner for you!". Or at least it sounded brash and annoyed to me, but I honestly didn't know he had, so I apologized, somewhat poorly, as evidenced by how that misunderstanding bothers me to this very day, but I'm still not at the best part yet. Once all the rest of that was finished and over with, and I got tired of the things I had to occupy my time (bearing in mind that I'd left my laptop at home for that trip), I laid down, and had what was easily the most luxurious sleep I'd had in a long time. Even though I was sleeping... well, I can't remember exactly what I was sleeping on, but I know it was incredibly relaxing, and that it felt like I had slept for several days when I woke up.

But how does that connect to regretting the as-yet unmentioned "this" tomorrow, you might ask? Just as I did a couple summers ago, at about five minutes to 12 earlier tonight, the desire to get out and go do something different struck me quite hard, and after more or less just thinking "I'll go out for a walk then. Yeah, that sounds good...", I got ready to go, and left the house at about 12:10. What followed was literally the longest walk I've ever been on. Seriously, just try to imagine doing normal things one minute (in the case of tonight, tagging and uploading music), and the next, ultimately deciding "I want to go out for a walk", and spontaneously going for a brisk ~20km stroll. The best part is how I left shortly after midnight, and when I finally made it back home and up to my room, which added an extra ten minutes at least thanks to stopping at Tim Hortons along the way and adding things to my sandwich in the kitchen before going upstairs, it was only 3:15. That means I walked the distance mentioned above in roughly three hours, which is really disproportionate compared to what I was figuring. Going out to Keil, Park Ave, and the Queen on my way home from work usually takes an hour and a half, give or take. Last time I went out to Michener and from there out to Indian Creek, it took closer to two and a half hours. Now, what is 1.5+2.5? 4. Although it probably helps that I was really pushing myself, but I didn't notice it aside from my legs starting to hurt once I finally made it over to Park Ave, but I thought that was related to how long I'd been out walking for. At any rate, to get to the point, I was going an average of... let's say 6km/h. Normally I walk at 5, if not lower than that on the way to work and such, where I've never found the need to check. Which, to make this even better, was in the snow. Sure, I'm better suited to such cold, snowy weather, but that doesn't automatically mean it's easier to walk in. Sidewalks are icy, and walking in the snow, while doable, causes a noticeable slowdown, but I guess I proved that conditions outside don't always make a difference tonight. As for that remark in the picture description about how I could do better, I could feasibly take either Victoria or Sandys followed by Orangewood out to Gregory Drive, and from there straight ahead to the other street, which I could then take out to St. Clair, or I could go out to Bloomfield, turn left, walk to Park Ave, turn left again, and explore a section of that street I've only been down in a vehicle to date. Preferably during the day at first though, because walking with a big empty space on one (or both) sides of me is something I don't think I would take very well to.

So suffice it to say my legs hurt. My feet hurt. My shoulders hurt a bit while I was still walking, but that's faded since I got home, and all I can think is that for as sore as I may be now, it's going to be even better tomorrow, added to that I do have to work, at 5 in the afternoon, no less, so I'll be amazed if I can make any sort of decent speed as opposed to hobbling the entire way there. I need to get to bed now for the same reason though, so it should be a good sleep (maybe not as good as the one mentioned up in the first paragraph, because that happened in an unusual setting (unusual in the sense that it wasn't my room, and therein my bed), which is part of what made it so pleasant. But maybe I should shut my laptop down tonight so I'm not tempted to open it when I first wake up. uTorrent hasn't been running for several days (the last thing I downloaded was episodes of (The) Magic School Bus (yes indeed)), and anything else can either wait until I'm awake and ready to stay that way, or I get home from work. There are a couple other things I was going to write about, but no, not right now. Probably soon. I have a well-deserved rest to take first though <3