March 25th, 2011

It Feels Normal to Me

Let it hereby be known once again that I apparently walk much faster than (most) other people. With exception for that night last week where I went with George as far as Pioneer Line, that is. Since I just arrived here (in Toronto) tonight, one of the first orders of business was to go grocery shopping, so we did. Took this route, which I was told would be roughly half an hour, and... I don't think it was. Half an hour at the speed I normally walk would take me from home up to Food Basics, which is incidentally where we went grocery shopping tonight (but not at the same place, obviously), whereas here, it took closer to 45 minutes, if not a full hour just to round it off nicely. Then I took close to 20 minutes in Food Basics buying ~$40 worth of groceries, most of which will be put to use tomorrow, and then we walked back home. Overall a pretty decent first day here, and referring back to the beginning of my previous entry, I checked another spot just before getting off the train in Toronto, and found that there were power outlets, but that they were in between the two seats instead of along the wall. Not much I can do about it now, but I won't forget for when Monday night comes and I find myself on the way home again.

That being said, initial first impressions and such: Union Station is really quite confusing, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't concerned about finding the right train to eventually go back home again. I'll definitely have to plan to be there a full hour in advance. Secondly, subways feel alot more, well... I can't think of the proper word, but the train was smooth and relatively quiet and orderly, but the subway (or subways, since we ended up taking two) are quite a bit noisier, and definitely more cramped, but they're intriguing at the same time. While waiting for the first one, I found myself wondering what I would find if (assuming the track wasn't in use at the time) I jumped down onto what looked like a little walkway, and just walked. It was pitch black with two sets of red lights on the walls, and nothing else to be seen, which is probably fairly normal, but I found it interesting. Moving on, I have a problem wrapping my head around this apartment building we're in right now. It seems unnaturally tall and too narrow to meet even the slightest definition of stable, and, if my counting was correct and there are 27 floors above us, I can't help looking up at the ceiling and cringing when I think about all that weight pressing down on this floor. Sure, that says nothing for the people who live on the first (or second, if there are no apartments on the first), but this is why I couldn't see myself ever living in such a building for an extended period of time. I do imagine you get used to and don't even think of it anymore after a while, but ~7 hours isn't quite an extended period of time. Not to mention there's a noise as if from a train passing by every now and then outside, which I suppose could very well be the subway, assuming they run 24 hours a day. At least that's all I can think of.

As for my host - Dan Skunk - I've met him on a couple occasions before, so I'm not sure what to say about him. Seems fairly quiet but is outgoing at the same time, and, as you might expect, has an apartment full of skunk-related paraphernalia. One look at my room (if not just one wall) and people might say the same of me and snow leopards though, so it's to be expected, I suppose. As for his roommates, one, named Bungee Skunk (I think) was kind enough to help me get connected to their wireless internet, and otherwise starts meowing and kneading the air (kneading like a cat, obviously) whenever he comes into the room, and I don't know what to do. He continues despite having seen my back too, so I'll figure out something to do one of these times. He also asked how long I'd been (a) furry, and while it would've been easier to shrug off giving a proper answer on the grounds that it probably wouldn't make a difference, I explained that it wasn't really official considering I didn't see myself as being furry, but regardless of the label, it had been an interest for at least 2 or 3 years, with significant changes in perception along the way. Then as for the other roommate, I'm not sure what his name is, but he came to Food Basics with us, and said something along the way about respecting me for going out in public with my tail and ears and such, because all of his stuff was back stored away in his room, and was only made use of at cons. Compliments like that are nice too, and definitely more rare than people like the lady at / in Union Station who told me "Great hat!"

It's about time I was calling it a night though, even though it's only 4:00. Our plans for tomorrow don't require too many changes to the way things normally are, but I'll need to wake up early on Saturday, so I can't get too much back to normal yet. Just need to find the light switch first though, because sleeping in the dark is much easier~