April 5th, 2011

Both a Good and Bad Thing

While I still do try to keep away from mentioning anything too specific about work these days, there's something coming up later this week that just has to be dealt with in a little more detail. From April 7th to 13th (Thursday to Wednesday), free hard tacos will be available from 3-6pm, no purchase necessary. I read the little handbook last night while I was waiting for Gabby, and it specifically stated that if somebody came in only wanting a free taco, the person taking the order should ask if they would like a drink to go with it. Mind you, there are conflicting reports about whether or not customers can get in line more than once - the booklet says no, that it's one taco per person per day - but there's also a hand-written note from Melissa at the back that says customers can get in line as many times as they like, but are allowed only one taco at a time - and soft shells instead of hard are available only by specific request, but yeah. Get a big group together, preferably large enough to fill the entire queue in the dining room, and everybody - even if they're not ordering anything else, or weren't planning to order anything to begin with - will get a free taco. It's kind of pushy as well though, in that for drive through customers we're supposed to ask how many people are in their vehicle and give them one free taco for everybody (not to mention that could temporarily be exploited as well) regardless of whether everybody wants one or not, but for a total of 21 hours, free tacos will be available, so go get one and such.

As for how that affects me, the problem is more how it doesn't. As mentioned above, the "offer" is good only from 3-6pm, and I don't work any supper shifts at all next week. Yeah, that's not completely a bad thing either, because after one day of the nonsense that is bound to ensue, I would want another week off, but I would at least like to see how popular they end up being. Not to mention how close we come to running out of taco shells. It'll be interesting to hear about, I guess, and otherwise I can only hope something changes with certain pieces of equipment that broke the other night, because I'd rather not work another shift of people getting impatient with me because I can't make their orders tally up any faster. On the good side of things, however, it's been fun having to calculate change in my head instead of just looking at the screen. Just for a little change of pace, and for having not gotten the amount wrong yet <3

In other news, I have a total of four things to do today, which is quite a change from Sunday when I was painfully bored. Starting just after I finish writing this, I need to go to Sobeys for a bag of brown sugar. Sure, there are other places closer to the house that sell the same thing, but Sobeys is the only one I want to go to, end of story. After that, I have two batches of cookies to make, because we ended up not having enough butter to make even one yesterday. Fairly simple, and it should take up a fair portion of the afternoon. Then once those are done, and assuming Naomi doesn't come up with $10 for the internet for this month between now and then, I'll probably be washing the dishes that are in the kitchen right now for her, because I would be very annoyed to see as large a pile at the beginning of the day myself. Finally, once everything else is taken care of, try to fix things in my closet. Of the pile of boxes that are in there, the two closest to the bottom are starting to be damaged by the rest that are on top, so I took a couple new boxes home from work last night to hopefully fix that. I just didn't get to doing it then, because I didn't have enough time. Oh, and I might finally unpack the things that are still in my backpack at some point, but not yet. I'm glad I didn't rearrange my room for the second time after all because it's cooler out now, and whenever I do, it'll be helpful to not have those extra things to move around.

I should probably get going to Sobeys though, but just on a quick parting note, one of the nights I was in Toronto, we watched part of an episode of a TV show which I have since learned is called "Ghost Whisperer". I found it interesting then, so upon coming home and learning of the name, I found torrents for all five seasons of it, and quite like what I have thus far. The pilot episode alone had me tearing up, as did a couple of the others after that, so yes, it's a good show. If you haven't yet seen or heard of it, go look for a preview. You might like it too~