April 11th, 2011

I'll Have to Buy Something

Unfortunately, I can't decide between my two choices right now. I got a GST check for almost $85 (three cents short) in the mail today, which, when deposited, will increase the balance in my checking account to ~$218. Pretty fair considering my pay is almost entirely gone before the weekend is over, but this time it is not, so I'm wondering what I should do with it. On one hand, I think it would be sensible to deposit this check today, then go to the train station for a ticket for May tomorrow. On the other hand, I think I want to buy one of these. The price may seem kind of steep, but consider this. Food Basics, which sells them more cheaply than any other grocery stores that I've been to thus far charges ~$4 for a ~1.5 ounce bottle. Therefore, if I were to buy the same amount of vanilla extract that comes in the big bottle but through the tiny ones, it'd cost about $84. Now, to be quite fair that's an awful lot of vanilla extract, and apparently the bottle isn't too easy to pour out of, but why not just keep the one I have now and refill it as needed? Or alternately go up to Dollarama and buy a squirt bottle there, but I'm pretty sure they don't come with caps for the nozzles, so it'd evaporate eventually. I can see more reason to use the money I have right now though and save my next couple of pays for the weekend in May that I'm going away, so I might just do both. The train ticket is ~$140 according to the website, and the vanilla extract, with shipping, is $49.95. Which would still leave me with about $30 in the bank. Of course, this wouldn't be quite as possible if I had withdrawn $40 last night, but I didn't, simply because I don't see the need.

At most, all I'll want from 7-11 tomorrow (assuming I want to go then, of course), is / are 5-cent candies. I did stop at the one on the way home from work last night for a Slurpee and a couple chocolate bars, mostly as a treat to myself for making it through an impossibly sweaty night at work (more on that after this sentence), so maybe I should take that for what it was (my planned visit, taken a couple days early), and content myself with making supper at home tomorrow. As for the heat at work now, well, where do I start? How about by pointing out and telling anybody who doesn't live in Chatham that it was unusually warm out yesterday. Up to 26, 35 with the heat index when we went out for supper, which was originally supposed to bring at least one thunderstorm with it, but evidently that blew over, and it certainly was windy. What's important here is that it was hotter outside than it's been all year thus far, so imagine my delight upon getting to work, going inside for a glass of water, and finding that the heat was on, making it even hotter inside than out! I was seriously considering telling Gabby all manner of things, from that she could write me up if she liked, but I was untucking my shirt because of how hot it was, or I was going to take off my hat, or I was just going to flat-out go home, but somehow I stuck it through, and ended up sweeping, scrubbing, and mopping the entire floor from front to back myself, which did work up quite a sweat, but I did my best to deal with that, and then went to sit in the walk-in for a good five minutes afterward. Then at the end of the night I went outside to change, simply because I wasn't cramming myself into the then-even-hotter-than-the-rest-of-the-store staff bathroom, stopped at 7-11 on the way home, then was going to have a nice, freezing cold bath to cool myself off again, but ended up going with warm water instead after realizing that the cold water wouldn't be quite as relaxing as I imagined it would. After that I played StepMania for a little while (of course), went to bed, woke up about seven hours later, and now I'm writing this.

Not much planned for the next two days off, or at least not aside from needing to clean my room again, which is amusing and annoying considering I did that only a couple days ago. Clean, wash my pillow and blankets, because the former just needs it, and the latter is / are getting quite prickly instead of soft, but hopefully just from stray hairs. Then my floor should probably be vacuumed while I'm at it, and that just leaves random bits, like taking cardboard boxes downstairs to the recycling bin. Note, however, that I share this not for the sake of interest, but because I've needed to do them for the past couple days, and have not yet, more or less just because. Along the same lines, I have a rather frustrating problem with Firefox to work out, involving tab colors once again. I changed the theme's header and footer images without issue, but that made it necessary to change the tab colors. Borders on the selected tab, background color change for not-selected-but-hovered, etc.. That all works now, except for selected tabs on mouseover. When those conditions are met, they take on a darker background color than I'd like. Or rather they did, until I commented out a couple lines of that file. Oh well. Problem fixed and such. Because of that though, I have only one more thing to share today, which I came across last night. I was thinking about going back to Toronto again, and how when I went the first time, several people commented to me about how far I'd come. Meanwhile, it didn't really seem that far to me, but why? Surely traveling almost 300 kilometres is quite a distance, but to me, it seemed like nothing out of the ordinary. It wasn't until we were on our way out to supper and I was thinking about how George would've walked farther than we were driving to get home that night a while back, if it weren't for the cop who ended up taking him the rest of the way.

Distance is to me, in terms of anything longer than a kilometre, measured not in how far I've walked or we've driven, but in how long it takes to get to the destination. That is, traveling to Toronto didn't seem very unusual because it was only a three-hour train ride, and I'd been out walking around for three hours just a couple weeks prior to that. On the opposite end would be, say, going to MFF back in 2008. The longest I'd walked at a stretch back then was about an hour and a half, meaning driving there, which took approximately eight hours was six and a half longer than I'd been on my own. Notwithstanding that to be out walking for eight hours around here would involve shopping for things along the way, which would in turn severely limit my walking speed and thus somewhat muddle the end result, but that's how it works. Perhaps a better example would be this family reunion that's coming up in June. I'm not sure how far away they live, but assuming Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent's place is four hours away from here and I did go, it wouldn't seem like a long trip until after the third hour. I am of course aware that there's a big difference between driving (or traveling by train) for three hours and walking for the same amount of time, but maybe all that means is that it has more to do with the amount of time spent on any one particular task. Going for a walk and taking the train are related though, because they both involve traveling somewhere. On which note, I still do plan to make one of those new cakes next month, but I think I might just put another one together this afternoon to be shared here. Apparently Dad didn't get any last time, and I inadvertently (didn't mean to, but did anyways) bought too much whipping cream at Food Basics yesterday, so I might as well put it to use here and now, and then make another one (cake) to share at work on the weekend on Thursday evening. But first, cleaning. I can't put that off any longer~