May 19th, 2011

Only One Day to Go

I think the first question that needs to be answered is "How was my last night" (until the Tuesday after next) at work? Fair. I ended up leaving at 6:40 so I could go to Money Mart first and still have enough time to get back to work before George showed up, and everything from there up until when I went in to change was enjoyable. The sky kept getting darker and darker the entire way there, and then I sat outside for about twenty minutes instead of waiting inside, while it continued to grow more and more windy and ominous-looking. I was really hoping for what I could only describe as a massive thunderstorm, alas, I don't think we got so much as a couple drops of rain after 8pm or so. In any case, work from 8 until 2 (or whatever time we actually got out at) was not very good. I don't think I'll miss washing dishes next week (not at work, anyways), nor will I have any longing to go back to serving certain customers. I was trying to confirm one lady's order tonight, but she pulled straight up to the window instead (leading to me opening it and glaring at her while asking "You had a [item], and that was it, right?" Or the lady who, when asked if she would like any apple pies or cinnamon twists for dessert responded with "I'll take some mild sauce", and then said "No, thanks" followed by a sheepish laugh when I asked again. Just not really a good night, but thankfully coming home was better.

George got everything that I had downloaded, renamed, and organized for him, along with all of The Outer Limits, because I apparently "have all the good shows", and he didn't notice that one before, then we enjoyed our Treatzza Pizza from Dairy Queen which was okay (I would hesitate to say they're worth $10.99, but they are pretty decent in spite of the price), followed by talking for a while where he told me a story about trying to get a buttered watermelon into a canoe (what other applications are there for buttered watermelons?), showed me the website and some pictures of where he goes when he goes to the states, and then lastly we went to 7-11, where I bought some more candies (but only $2 worth - I learned my lesson (again) last week) and a bag of cotton candy, and that was about it. I do wish the rest of Pinky & The Brain had finished downloading in time (I have all six seasons of the main show, but there are still some Animaniacs cartoons featuring those other characters that I've yet to get), but he / they have more than enough to watch now. Doctor Who, The Red Green Show, Garfield, Rugrats, The Magic School Bus, The Outer Limits, Smurfs, Mario, Pinky & The Brain... The list might go on, but the point is that I hope their appetite for things to watch will now be sated. Going back to Pinky & The Brain though, I really, really want to let these tertiary episodes finish downloading, and then create a completely new torrent for the whole set. Why? Because of the mess I had to sort through to get the whole set in the first place. Sure, I'm well aware that beggars can't be choosers, but we'll see.

On a different note, money-things. When I left for work tonight, they didn't look very good. At that point, I had ~$104 over my minimum, and was planning to withdraw $40 of that and make change at work so I could give Mom $30 for gas. On top of that, I also needed to go to Money Mart, as mentioned up in the first paragraph of this entry, where I put $50 onto my Visa. Thus I had $14, and was left hoping to be paid somewhere around $400 at work, because that would give me enough to be comfortable next week. You might then imagine my surprise and delight when I opened my pay stub to find that I'd made ~$150 more than that. Mind you, I still don't expect to need more than $300, and even that might be a bit high, but like I said in my previous entry, I can and will go shopping on Monday. I can't buy too much, because I still need to be able to carry everything home, but a fantastic amount of chocolate bars and pepperoni sticks from Dollarama would not be unwelcome. The only other money-related matter is to speak with Mom and Dad to see if they will be giving me money to call from Union Station. It would be nice if there was some way to check the price online, but either no such calculators exist (which doesn't make sense considering all you have to do is dial the number on a payphone and wait for a bit to get the price) or I am unable to search properly right now. In either case, regarding all that concern again, am I still worried that something will happen? Yes, but I'd rather not stay home just because I have lingering apprehension.

To finish off for tonight though, a couple other miscellaneous bits and pieces. Number one, the second batch of smores cookies that I made on Tuesday night did once again not turn out quite right, for two reasons. One, I accidentally put a quarter of a cup too much brown sugar and white sugar into the bowl, and two, I used milk-chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet. Fitting considering semi-sweet are the variety that don't stand out enough in the oatmeal cookies - now that I've gotten used to not buying them, I find a recipe that requires that specific type. Still, George said not once but twice tonight that whatever I did wrong, I should not fix it, because the cookies as they were were "amazing". And aside from his kind words, Brandon actually took a picture of his, presumably because seeing chunks of chocolate and / or marshmallows shoved into the top of the cookie was unusual. So I left those on the shelf in the staff bathroom while George and I went to Dairy Queen, and by the time I went in to start my shift, only three were left of the original 9, I think. Sheila even came outside to ask if she could have one, or rather that's what I thought she wanted, because she asked if I was sharing, only to learn from George at the end of the night when we were back here that she was talking about the pizza. Dear Sheila: that's ours. Maybe one day I'll go in with her and / or somebody else to get a cake from Dairy Queen, but until then, they can be content with cookies or whatever other treats other people bring in to share. I do believe that one thing is all I'll be getting to for tonight though. I am remarkably not too tired right now, but I have much to do tomorrow, including vacuuming my floor, going grocery shopping, and making up a list of things to pack on Friday morning, so I don't want to sleep in too late~