June 5th, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Just a few quick updates on things, since I'd like to leave for work early tonight to get some groceries at Food Basics, and only have about twenty minutes left as such.

a] So much for being excited to make a new recipe, and something that would've been for supper instead of dessert tomorrow. I actually told Mom "I'm going to make that recipe that requires ten eggs tomorrow" on our way out to Zellers earlier, only to have her say on the way back that I shouldn't tomorrow, because pizza is being ordered. Obviously due to Trish, Adam, and Ericka being back at home (they're not here yet, but should be by the time I get home from work), and to that I just feel kind of disappointed. I will still get to it by the end of Tuesday, but it's something new, and as such being required to wait is a letdown.

b] As mentioned while I was in Toronto, I bought a glass baking pan, a measuring cup, and a cookie sheet of my own. Kind of significant for showing that baking is more than just a casual interest, and then today I went out and bought even more. Specifically, a springform pan I need to make a cake for Father's Day, and - once the seller gets back to me - a set of 12 measuring spoons from eBay. The former is largely unremarkable as yet, aside from being a new piece of equipment, but as for the latter, oh, if they weren't so much trouble to find and buy. I at least needed my own set of measuring spoons, and one of them had to be for one eighth of a teaspoon. I would also have liked to buy stainless steel spoons instead of plastic, but that was not to be. Of all but one of the listings I looked through, everybody failed to meet one or more of the following requirements: shipping to Canada, having all of the spoons I was looking for, and - where I was considering buying multiple items from the same seller to get what I needed - not having overlap. By that I mean one of the combinations I was considering would've gotten me a 1/8tsp spoon, and another for a Dash, which is one eighth of a teaspoon itself, and I don't need two of the same thing. Thus, in the end, I went for these. I'm still waiting for the seller to get back to me with the proper shipping price, but that and the fact that they're made of plastic aside, I think they'll be okay. Of course, I'm not yet sure what I'll need the Pinch, Smidgen, Drop, or 2 tablespoon spoons for, but that way I'll have pretty much everything I could need. Not for another month or so, of course, but they'll get here eventually just like everything else.

c] Apparently Sheila called earlier today, and once again, whoever answered the phone assumed that I was sleeping. As such, when I eventually stepped out of my room, I was advised to call her, and mostly shrugged that off, thinking that they could manage with whatever issues they were facing. I'd put in a full night of work on my previous shift, and had / have the same coming up again tonight, so there was absolutely no reason that they should expect or require me to come in early. That stubbornness lasted for about ten minutes. Eventually I came around, deciding that as I did have the next two days off, and nothing else really important going on this afternoon, I should give them a call and possibly start working three hours early, so downstairs I went, only to be told "Thanks, but just come in at your normal time". I believe my normal time tonight is 8pm, but I thought the same yesterday only to get there at 7:30, and be nonchalantly informed by Melissa that I was actually supposed to start at 7, and that she figured I assumed I was supposed to be in at 8, and that it was "Alright". I really don't get it. Had I slipped up like that before going away, I would've been in trouble for not being in at my scheduled time, not to mention that I expected to be in trouble over Dad telling them that I wouldn't be back until next week, and nothing came of that either. Specifically in regards to the latter, it's the matter of that it'd be exceedingly unprofessional to intentionally call them up after already having a week off to say "I won't be back until next week". It's inconsiderate, not to mention rude, but nothing came of that, and not one harsh word was said to me last night either. That's not to say the night went well, because we didn't get out until 4:30, but everybody does seem somewhat more relaxed than I remember them being.

d] Plans for Father's Day. I figure we can take him out to Kelsey's, Swiss Chalet, or the restaurant in the Thames Lea Plaza. Quite possibly the latter, because it'd be really unexpected, but Kelsey's is a nicer place to go, and Swiss Chalet is just too normal. Supper aside though, Mom said he would probably like one of these, as his old one broke, and I think that would work quite nicely. Wrap it up, then hide it in the trunk of the car or van (whichever vehicle we take), then head out to supper and have Dad keep his eyes closed. Once we get there, all but one person can lead him into the restaurant, still with his eyes closed, while the remaining person takes his gift out of the trunk, and puts it right up in the front seat for him to see when we leave. Just as with Mom though, I don't know if I'll get him a card, but for now, I'm going to see about going out there right now. Should have enough time left to do that and still get to work, so I just need to put this list of ingredients on my PSP, and then I'm off. Hopefully I'm able to find everything~