June 11th, 2011

Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs Bugs

Alternate title for this entry: CSS is really particular.

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Now, however, I am beyond tired of repeatedly typing <font color="gray">. That's simply due to all of the pieces of CSS above, but I am also pretty tired aside from that, due mostly to waking up early today, and that was an awful thing all on its own. There was one point between going to sleep and waking up at 12:30 that I liked though. I went to bed around 6:30am, and woke up half an hour later, opening my laptop to check the time. I took it saying "7:00am" as meaning that I only had half an hour left to sleep, so I went back to sleep with a long sigh, and woke up again a couple minutes later, apparently having a little more clarity of mind. When I checked the time then, I realized that it was only ~7am, and that I still had five hours left to sleep, so I laid down again, and that was that until my alarm started to go off. As for the bad part, well, I want to say it's because Smokey was in here last night laying on my bed while I was petting her, leading to a stray piece of her fur getting in my eye or something, but I woke up feeling like something was in my eye, except that multiple attempts to dislodge or remove the object didn't help. I even brought a couple Q-Tips along to Tilbury to try carefully swabbing in there with (after the tips were made wet, of course), but those didn't help either, which was when I started to suspect something had scratched the inside of my eyelid. Fortunately, a majority of the irritation went away after that, but for the entire ride there, I could not look to the right without feeling my eye turning and irritating the scratch / whatever it was, and was seriously considering going to work with a cotton ball taped down over that eye so as to lessen the irritation, as I was unable to go 5 minutes without gently pressing on it. I can still feel the scratching now, but it's just a minor irritation instead of being an all-consuming problem like before. Not a pleasant way to start the day at any rate.

As for preparing things for tomorrow, I'm pretty much all set. I was surprised to see I spent two full hours in the kitchen just making the couple things I planned to bring, but cake is in the fridge in the basement, needing only to have Cool Whip, maraschino cherries, Skor pieces, and caramel syrup put on it, and cheese biscuit dough is also in the same fridge, which I would prefer to bake there, instead of leaving them to get cold and soft on the way there. Getting there will also go a bit better than I expected. Everybody will be traveling in the van, and I'm told that I'll be sitting in the front seat, which is a good thing as the entire van will be full. On a different note, Naomi was immediately on me asking if she could borrow my old digital camera tomorrow when I got home from work tonight, which I guess is okay. I do want to say no though, because I still remember her insisting I give back the big camera Dad apparently gave to her, even though she already had another smaller one. In essence, what goes around comes around, but again, letting her borrow that other camera isn't a big deal as long as she doesn't break it, and that wasn't an issue any of the other times she borrowed it in the past.

I have more important things to be doing now, so I'm off to get busy with them. If I manage to get going within the next fifteen minutes, I'll have a whole five hours total. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day...