July 8th, 2011

Still Not Quite There

At long last, I have an answer to the question I've been anxiously waiting to ask for the past week: as long as Melissa approves, I'll be in Toronto from August 10th to the 17th. As nice as it is to have that though, I am not very pleased with how I came to get that answer. As soon as I woke up, I opened my laptop and saw that Dan was actually online, so I immediately sent him a message to say "Before you go anywhere, I have a question to ask you". I did, but in a roundabout not-really-a-question-but-more-of-a-statement way, which was something like "I told Melissa a week at most, and because this visit would need to include Saturday the 13th, I'm thinking of either the Wednesday or Thursday before that, to the same day the following week, if that works for you". I didn't come right out and ask "These are the dates I'm considering, so do those work for you?", in other words. What's more, I said quite a few other things as well to try and make it look like I hadn't just been waiting a week to ask him that one question, and either my original, more important question got lost in amongst those, or he didn't see it with everything else I said, and didn't have anything to say in response to the other stuff either. More or less, I asked my question, said a bunch of other stuff, and didn't get a response from him aside from the initial "Oh. Alright :3" when I said I had a question to ask. Cue getting really antsy and stressed out that I wasn't getting an answer, especially after I saw him go offline and come back a couple minutes later not once but twice, culminating in flat-out (and rather aggressively) asking "These status changes make me think you are still around, so do these dates work for you?" He said yes, and that he wasn't doing anything else in August, then I went off spouting random bits of non-interest again, and since - as before - he didn't say anything else, I eventually calmed down enough to go have a shower and ask Dad about doing some running around later.

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In the meantime, I have only one thing to do before calling it a night, and that is responding to the person I am commissioning for a customized keychain to let them know how the sketch looks. I got that email early this morning, yet all day I've been out shopping, baking things, and for the most part, working on Oracle of Ages. I've beaten it now, and have my Hero's Secret to start a linked game in Oracle of Seasons, but I think I might skip that and use the code given in the password guide on GameFAQs to start a new, linked game in Ages instead. I don't think I've ever fully beaten that one, whereas Seasons is the game that introduced me to the set, and - I feel - is easier than Oracle of Ages, leading to playing through it lots of times, but Ages, not so much. This commission is the more important thing though, so I'll send that email right after I finish here, then probably go to bed. I don't recall having any unusual dreams last night (as a matter of fact, the only thing I can remember is having a dream about being in bed and finding my blankets too hot, which came right after the same happened in real life), but considering today's activities, it wouldn't surprise me if I end up dreaming about Oracle of Ages. I guess I'll find out soon enough~