August 25th, 2011

Half of What I Need

If only he said when I could expect to get it as well. I received an email from Brandon earlier, in which he thanked me for buying the concert ticket he wanted, and said that $70 would be fine, but what he didn't mention was when he intends to give me that money. All of his shifts until this coming Tuesday have been canceled, which is presumably related to a member of his immediate family being in the hospital, as mentioned before, but I don't work on Tuesday, and yes. I'd like to have that $70 to deposit, because that'll allow me to transfer $100 to savings and still have ~$90 for the coming two weeks, but he didn't mention when, so it could be as early as this afternoon, or as late as next Tuesday. I guess we'll see. James also gave me $20 for the cookies and cookie pizza he / they want last night, but at least half of that will be spent when I go out to Dollarama later. He wants mini Rolos, mini peanut butter cups, and Smarties, and I also need to get two 8-packs of normal-sized peanut butter cups, which will be at least $8 altogether. I kind of like it better this way though. Being comfortable to the point where spending upwards of ten dollars in one visit to 7-11 is rather annoying, because there's nothing to feel pleased about in it, whereas with the way things are now, having enough money left over to go there and get more than just a bag of candies or such is its own reward. Or maybe I'm just overreacting.

In any case, I have something else of a less-positive nature to write about. Well, two things actually. First of all, a pointed "screw you" to any and everybody who at any point from the beginning of time until now has referred to them as "snow kitt(y/ies)". It is demeaning, insulting, and childish. I more or less learned to live with it being used by Dan and Xion and such, but if the past couple days haven't been annoying enough for trying to search for directions for how to do things in OS X and seeing snow leopard-this or snow leopard-that, seeing it referred to as "snow kitty" is even worse. Secondly - and this is far more serious (or should I say "grave"?), I was written up at work last night.

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Having said that, I can't think of what else I was going to write about now, so I will end this here. My desktop currently needs much work, so I might as well focus on that instead~