August 29th, 2011

Ice Cream Solves Everything

I guess I could still go, but I'd have to get a ride in order to ensure that I make it there on time. At work yesterday, I was still feeling rather miserable, and eventually came upon an idea of something to do after work that would at least get me through the night - go to 7-11 for ice cream on the way home, and make a sundae out of it, and the syrups and chocolate chips I have left from previously making cake and cookies. That idea sounded even more fantastic than the one about making cookie breadsticks, but I ended up deciding to put it off until tomorrow, both because earlier in the afternoon, I had already planned to have garlic bread for supper at home, and because I didn't want to pay ~$7 for a small container, when I could just go to Food Basics instead. What complicates things right now though is that it's 2:30, and I need to leave at 3, because my shift starts at 4:00 today, not to mention that I don't think I'd be entirely satisfied by eating only ice cream and pop today, but I still might, depending on what time I finish with this.

I tried to write an entry yesterday, but decided not to because I was tired from having not had a good sleep, and am pretty close to doing the same again today, but because there are more important things I want to write about, but would prefer to leave until later, so work doesn't get in the way of them and completely destroy my train of thought. More or less though, I need to make some changes in my life, and I don't mean trivial little things like rearranging my room or cleaning my walls. I was feeling the same way yesterday, and actually laughably decided that getting a box from work and cleaning off my top bunk so I could lay up there again would make me feel better. It might, granted, but it's not the solution I'm looking for. I still intend to do that today, mind you, because I would like to lay up top after work like I used to, but any positive effect that might have would only be temporary. As for work itself, I'm confident one thing I can do to make that go better for right now is to actually try, instead of just relying on the shift to go in a way that makes me happy. Sure, that's less-easy when it would make me happy to scrub the floor, but I can't because customers won't stop coming, but that doesn't mean I can't at least sweep, or failing that, actively help the other person / people to finish the orders faster.

In other slightly more-pleasant news, I think sleeping last night was the best I've had this entire weekend, which both is and isn't saying much at the same time. Something about the combination of stress, busyness at work, and unpleasant humidity in my room has been making it quite impossible. Had I been able to find a new box fan at Walmart last week, I might have less to complain about, but I will say that it's nice to see summer actually drawing to a close now. Next weekend is supposed to be quite humid again, but the current lowering temperatures right now are a relief. Before that started, it was a matter of not getting a good sleep left me tired at work the next night, which in turn made me cranky and stressed, which then left me unable to get a good sleep, and it just kept repeating from there.

I'm afraid I need to leave right now though, but later tonight I will have some things to write about, just as I need to leave feedback for and reply to the person I commissioned a new icon from back at the beginning of the month. Writing in here is more important though, because I really need to figure out what I'm doing. This afternoon is clear enough, but there's no telling yet what will come after that...