September 5th, 2011

No Present-Progress Yet

I guess that's an option, should neither of us come up with anything else. Just as planned, I asked Mom and Dad if there was anything in particular that they wanted for Christmas. Dad didn't answer right away, but Mom said that she still really wanted a Reader's Digest subscription, even though I was opposed to getting her that. I then decided to let her read the website on why not for herself though, noting about halfway through that if she still wanted the magazines, I'd give her the money and she could use her own card, but instead, she said she could see my point, and didn't have any desire to deal with potential issues either. That leaves my current plans for her major gift as being to buy her each and every magazine at Real Canadian Superstore (or another place, should I happen to see it elsewhere first) for a full year starting in January. I'd much rather have that on the grounds that she'll still get what she wants, but I won't have to worry about being taken advantage of, however, I also don't want to simply because it's a pain. I can't very well check the price per magazine next time we're out grocery shopping, multiply that by twelve, round it up to the next ten dollars, and give her that amount in cash, as there'd be nothing to stop her from just spending it on her own. What's more, with everybody else I've bought something for thus far, I was able to get them one or two related things on the side, which currently wouldn't be possible for Mom. As for Dad, he didn't know then, and presumably still doesn't know, as he hasn't said anything else yet. Mom said he did want one of these before, but I told her I'd rather not spend $150 on something he doesn't necessarily want right now, not to mention that it would be better to try getting him that for Father's Day, as at least it'd be usable then.

On a completely different topic now, I'm... chagrined, I guess, at how things are proceeding regarding that night course at St. Clair. Thus far, this weekend has been significantly better than last. The most pressing problem is that four closes still seem to take forever to get done and over with, but I'm nowhere near as despondent as before. In turn, that leaves me feeling lost in regards to what to do. I would still like to take the course, yes, but it would be almost entirely just for personal interest and growth. While there's a very minute chance having taken it might come in handy somewhere down the road, I can't see having taken a ~2 week class on human sexuality to help me in finding a different job in the future, and I honestly don't want to talk to Mom and Dad on Tuesday anymore simply for that fact. It's annoying, really. Here I was all enthusiastic and excited not a full week ago, and now I'm having second thoughts. Compared to that, I can no longer see any problem with telling them I'm not all that interested in computers anymore, but what am I to do about the rest? Still talk to them, I guess. I'd rather not have the thought that I just couldn't get the words out bothering me for my entire day off, and at worst, I should at least be able to find out what their thoughts are on that situation.

Having said that, I'd like to move on to figuring out short-term financial things. As noted before, I woke up on Friday to find a message from Manoah asking if he could borrow $60 until Thursday. I said yes, and gave that to him later that night. Also, today, I found two emails from Brandon waiting for me when I finally rolled out of bed. One contained only his phone number, and the other, a request to borrow $80, with a note saying that if I saw that message before 4:30, I should try to meet him at the mall with the money. Forgive me, but is he not getting the wrong idea about this? If you (or anyone else) want to borrow money from me, Brandon, I expect you to come to me, or at least not make me go out of my way to get the money to you. There's also a second point, but I won't be able to inform him of that until he comes in to pick up the $80 tomorrow night. I can still write it in here though, so that second point is to pay me on time. As much as I'd like to just meet you at work on Thursday and get back what you borrowed previously, the chances of both of us having the afternoon completely free are slim. Therefore, I try to be understanding, and ask instead that you bring that money to work, have it put into an envelope, and ask for that to be put in the safe with my name on it for me to pick up the next time I'm in. I am well aware I've said the exact same thing before, but it can't be stated enough. Anyway, their loans and other incidental expenses since then have left me with ~$610, and as I'd like to give Mom grocery money this pay so I don't have to worry about it next, that means even if I get paid $500 (which I hope to, considering I've been working quite a lot recently), and both Brandon and Manoah pay me back on time, I'll still only have ~$140 to spend on Christmas gifts. The thing is, that site I want to buy something for everybody from is having a sale that ends tomorrow, where you can get 10% off your order for spending $25 or more, and 20% for spending at least $55, so it looks like I'll be making a large purchase before I go to bed. As a matter of fact, I'll just end this here so I can go do that instead. Hopefully they still have everything that I want~

I Can Mention These Publicly

Evidently I went to bed in quite a hurry last night. By the time I finished sorting through the website mentioned to pick out everything that I wanted to buy, it was nearly 7, and I was quite tired, so I closed my laptop and laid down immediately after verifying that the payment had been sent with Paypal. It wasn't until a couple hours after that when I woke up again that I saw an email from them, as well as one from the international checkout site saying my account had been created successfully, but yes, now I remember that I spent ~$150 yesterday, and thus have even less than before. It was worth it though, as I'd have needed to pay for the things I bought eventually, and I figure it's better to have done so now. Of course, I can't say what most of the stuff I bought is, but I see no issue with at least specifying that I bought two packages of Kitty Bubbles for the cats, and one of these statues for myself, because it is really quite personally relevant. Not so much in terms of religion, of course, but it is me in at least two other ways. At any rate, that might be wrapped up for Christmas as well, but maybe not all the same, and as for the rest of the stuff, I still haven't even received an order confirmation email, but maybe that's because today is a holiday.

I don't have a whole lot else to mention about things to come just yet though. I expect work tonight to be a nice, easy (and cool) ending to this weekend, to be followed by going to 7-11 for the snacks I didn't get yesterday (I couldn't wait), and then playing more Wii games at home, but I think I'd be equally content staying home tonight, even if it meant not earning holiday pay. As it has actually been nice and cool since yesterday evening, I had a remarkably nice sleep, and to that end, woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I obviously don't feel as energetic now, but there are still things that I'd love to have the night off to do - put my air conditioner away, hopefully for the really final time this year, clean up my room since it's become a mess again, put the mattress cover back on my mattress, vacuum the floor, talk to Mom and Dad about college courses if they haven't called it a night yet, go out to 7-11, and come back home for a night of nothing but game playing and other such leisure activities. Alas, I can only hope I'm able to maintain this state of mind regardless of how busy work is, or how much dishes and other closing duties are stacked against us, because I do have tomorrow off, and if I still feel the same way then, I'll at least walk up to work for my pay stub. Thanks to recent purchases and money-lending, I may have to lower my amount to stay above to $700 instead, but that's still preferable, provided Mom, Dad, and Trish's gifts don't cost too much. Preferable, that is, if I didn't just open TextEdit to figure out my budget for the next couple months. All major expenses considered, I won't be back to a comfortable amount again until the second pay of December, but I've also budgeted $50 for snacks on each and every pay, which will most likely be lowered to $20 or so. I think I'll actually spend the rest of my time before work making up a more official version of that with Google Docs, but first, I still remember a dream I had last night that was satisfying enough to want to write about.

I was at work, on drive through, during the day, strangely enough. A customer pulled up and placed a fairly large order, except they were ordering a song instead of food, which was the strange part. Thus, it was a really long, complicated song, and once I'd finished ringing it in (yes, I know, but bear with me), I walked down to line to see how much of it was ready, and found Laura (I think) steaming, but the other person, who I'm pretty sure was Chris, just standing there looking like he was waiting for somebody to tell him to get back to work, so he could tell them off. I did just that, noting that playing the song (as opposed to making the order) was a group effort, and that it was extremely unbecoming of him to just stand there while everybody else was working hard. The expression on his face gradually changed from defiance to one of humility, and he uttered a brief but honestly apologetic "Okay" before walking down to drive through to wash his hands. Not being satisfied with leaving that as it was, when he came back, I bade him a curt "Thank you", and that was the end of the dream. I suspect that happened because of work last night, where Trevor and Rebekah were doing the same - there were absolutely no customers, and the rest of the prep work and such had been done, so she went up front to make herself something to eat (meanwhile I was at the back washing dishes), and out of curiosity, I walked up there shortly after her, to see both of them just standing there talking. After a moment, I told them I would go back and ask Laura about scrubbing the floors right then, since it wasn't busy and they weren't doing anything productive, and they didn't object, but it felt good. I think there's this assumption that because we don't follow the rules exactly on closes, we'll allow any staff whose shifts overlap with ours to do whatever they wish, when that is not the case. I now have that spreadsheet to work on though, so I'd just better be able to finish it before leaving for work~