September 27th, 2011

Time for a New Goal

The package I've been waiting for - the one that belongs to Brandon - came today, so I called work while downstairs making breakfast, and Melissa answered, more or less telling me that he wasn't in then, and she wasn't sure when he'd be in next, but that I could try calling back later tonight. Then I hung up the phone, and not one full second after that, realized I could've also asked to have October 10th off while I was talking to her, but didn't call back because I thought that would be kind of silly. Anyway, I will call later, and if he is there tonight, go out for a walk. If not, well, at least it doesn't add to my current problem. Up to yesterday night, I was waiting on only one more package to arrive, and was planning to leave feedback for everybody all at once on eBay, but finally decided to buy a copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy (the collector's edition, of course), and by the time it arrives, the feedback deadline for a couple items will already have passed. Given that, one might assume my new goal is to start leaving feedback on the same day packages arrive again, but that's somewhat impractical, so instead, I hereby resolve to, by the end of October, not be knowlingly waiting on any further packages for any reason. The only exception would be if I have to order the book for my night course online, but that seems highly unlikely, considering there's a bookstore in the college. Also, that'll help me save a bit of money, which I kind of need right now, because Manoah borrowed another $200, adding to $300 that he owes me altogether now, and that game cost ~$80.

In a completely different direction, another goal would be for me to figure out what I'm doing with my room sometime before the sun starts to go down. Last night, I somehow thought it would be a great idea to almost completely clear off my top bunk, only to sit up there for half an hour at most, then, without putting everything back up there, I pulled my box of food out from underneath my bed to look through it and see what could be taken downstairs or discarded, and pretty much only ended up seeing that my loaf of white bread had gone moldy, which is very much expected given how long it's been under there, but also a shame, because I only got to eat two pieces of bread from it. Since then, my room on a whole hasn't become much cleaner, and it really should be by now, as I was actually rather bored yesterday, and didn't want to just sit downstairs playing games. I beat Super Mario Galaxy 2, after finding the patterns necessary to getting through the areas of Grandmaster Galaxy I was having trouble with, and then gave a halfhearted attempt at collecting 9,999 coins, but that is a very slow process, as there's only one level thus far that I've found has more than 100 coins in it, and I really don't feel like playing it ~99 times. Since then, I tried to get back into the first Super Mario Galaxy, but couldn't really, and the rest of the games I tried weren't all that interesting. What I probably need is a couple days where I don't play games downstairs at all, because completing Super Mario Galaxy 2 was effectively a matter of sitting in front of that TV for at least two weeks, at roughly three hours per day, without playing any other games, so it's no wonder nothing else seems sufficiently interesting. Giving Okami another try right now might actually be a good idea, or maybe even Tales of Symphonia, if I can find my Gamecube memory card.

At any rate, this is pretty much exactly what happened yesterday as well. It's like for as much as I was looking forward to, and badly, badly wishing I could have two days in a row off from work before, now that I have them, it almost feels like too much. With one day off, I can start planning ahead for things to do, and whatever I don't get to on that day, I can set aside for my next day off, whereas here with two, I come up with various ideas of things I'd like to do, but because I have more time with which to do them, end up doing nothing very well. Of course, Thursday of this week will be the test for that. If I'm able to keep myself entertained throughout the day there, then I have a point, and if not, I really am just in an annoying state of boredom right now. Starting to clean up would be good though, and I have at least one idea to solve a problem that I ran into last night, so maybe I'll do better than just sitting here thinking about everything I could be doing again. Not that that's a bad thing, really, but I want to be finished soon, and that can't be accomplished through thinking alone~