September 28th, 2011

Not the Day I Was Hoping For

Look at me, still awake when it's nearly 7am, and I was getting tired back at 5:30. I am tired right now as well, to be fair, but I'd like to drag this out for as long as possible, so I can have a pleasant, relaxing sleep, and hopefully less stressful day tomorrow than this afternoon and evening was. For one, I'm definitely going to pay Food Basics another visit, this time for Pringles (just watch me buy extra things though - when I went this past weekend for waffles, I was planning to buy one box, but ended up with four, two boxes of mini pizzas, and a bottle of syrup), and there's nothing quite like working for one night after having the day off, and then going right back to another one. Plans for Thursday remain highly uncertain, but if Mom goes out to Real Canadian Superstore a second time after getting groceries, I'm going with her, to preorder The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at EB Games, and also to exchange a Christmas gift I bought last week, that wasn't quite what I needed. More immediately though, I've been in a random irritable mood for a couple days, and that was most of my problem today. I washed what dishes were on the counter around 5, hoping that would be it for the day, as everybody else appeared to be gone, then went out for a walk to work to give Brandon his package, only to come back to find Mom in the kitchen making supper. It just occurred to me now, but I think the reason that bothered me as much as it did is the same thing that happens at work quite often. If I do something, I strongly prefer to not have to do it again for that period of time. In the case of work, that would mean washing some specific dish, only for somebody to come along and make it dirty again, whereas in the case of being at home, it's... pretty much the same. I would rather have to catch up the dishes only once, and that desire directly links to the solution I'm going to pursue for now. From this point on, I won't start washing dishes until 8pm. That's not to say there was only one annoyance today though. My choice of a new game to play quickly turned into another one, and in such, reminded me why I gave up on that game in the first place. The specific game I refer to is Twilight Princess, and my grievances with it are as follows:

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On that note though, I am ending this entry right where it stands, because I was only interested in writing for as long as it was still dark outside, and it is now getting light, making it time for bed. Nighttime lasting longer is indescribably exciting though, so sooner or later (probably later), I'll have to make arrangements to go to McDonalds for breakfast again. I wonder if I'd be so lucky as to get another two days off next week...