October 30th, 2011

Hypermode is Something Else

Might as well get this going right now. As long as I don't get too distracted after work tonight, I'll be able to get the last scan I need to have complete logbook in Metroid Echoes, and then it's probably on to Corruption, because I can't see myself playing through the entire game I just beat right now. It is much, much quicker going through it the second time though. Everything I scanned before is still green - already scanned, that is - so I need only collect all of the expansions I can get to in order to beat the bosses, which might be somewhat difficult. This time around, I rushed through the beginning area (making sure to collect the extra missile launcher), and have already defeated the Bomb Guardian, which was more of a long fight than annoying. The Alpha Splinter / Dark Alpha Splinter fight, on the other hand... I died on its first form because I kept dodging directly into its attacks, but smartened up for the second battle, making it through with nary a scratch. Well, maybe a few, but that's what I get for playing the first time on the easy difficulty, which wasn't even present in the original game. I shudder to think what fighting Chykka will be like, not to mention Amorbis, what with having to pay much closer attention to where the safe zones are, but maybe the challenge will actually be nice. I'll find out for sure over the next couple days.

Games aside though, I was going to write about something else yesterday, but didn't remember in time, so I will put it in here instead. On our way out to supper on Mom's birthday, I think, she was telling Dad about how they were going to "bulldoze the Caddotes' house on Saturday". To clarify, Sheila, and presumably Ron as well are gone away to a wedding, so Sheila asked Naomi if she would be willing to take care of her dogs while they were away. She actually came here (to the house) earlier this week, while I was exactly where I am right now, playing the exact game mentioned above, and I was almost certain she was going to come a bit further in to say hi to Adam and I, which would be awkward for me because I didn't have a shirt on, but she didn't. At any rate, Mom must be helping Naomi with that, because they always go over there together, and as for what she meant when she said they were going to bulldoze their house, apparently they had plans to clean it. I'm not sure if they actually did, because I was in my room for pretty much all of yesterday before going to work, but that thought is amusing. I still remember wanting to do the same with Josh's games room - one night when he invited me to sleep over, completely clean it up after he'd gone to bed, which never came together, because the idea alone felt pretty rude. Messy as their house may be, if they're comfortable with it like that, and it's not posing a safety hazard, there should be no reason for them not to keep it the way it is. As for Mom and Naomi cleaning it, thinking about the options for how that'll turn out is interesting. On one hand, they could be beside themselves with gratitude, but on the other, they could be embarrassed and angry, and perhaps not be able to find things anymore, leading to possible accusations of theft. I do realize that's unlikely, but just because it's unlikely doesn't mean it isn't possible.

Otherwise, I think closing yesterday was exactly the sort of night I've wanted to have for the past couple weeks, but what did I get for finally having things go decently? A headache. And some random guy yelling at at least one other person outside of 7-11, but that's probably because there was at least one Halloween party on last night. Several people came through in costume, so I sort of expect the same thing to happen tonight, and probably tomorrow as well. It's just going to be fun to go out on Tuesday and hear if anybody comments that "Halloween is over!" I think I'm going back to Metroid Echoes now though, and then maybe stop at 7-11 on the way to work for some candies for later, just in case there are more people being obnoxious and threatening after. I would like a snack tonight~