November 5th, 2011

I Need More Boxes

Remember what I said before about wanting to wrap just one Christmas present a night, after getting proper wrapping paper? Evidently I misjudged how much easier and more productive it would be to wrap them at the kitchen table instead of my room. Having a large, smooth, uncluttered surface made a world of difference, and I actually wrapped more than I was planning to, because I was enjoying it so much. First I brought just a couple things downstairs that were already packed up in boxes, but when those were successful, I went upstairs for more, and even more after that, so all I have left now are a few that I need to get some more boxes for from work tonight, and provided those are available, I will be finished if not by the end of the night, then by the end of the weekend, for sure. The latter is actually more likely, now that I think of it, because it was brought to my attention that I had been looking at things the wrong way last night. I was quite certain that Daylight Savings Time didn't end until tomorrow night at 2am, but it turns out that's because for me, it's the same day until I go to bed. In reality, however, the clocks go back tonight, but because the ones by which our shifts are counted need to be adjusted manually by the opening manager, we have to stay there the extra hour this year, although Melissa apparently told Gabby that if it wasn't busy after 3, we should close at 3, or 2 after the time change. I don't mind the thought of staying an extra hour, because it's an extra hour of pay, and it'd be like several years ago before we started closing at 3am, but Tom seemed kind of worried, so I wonder what he'll say when that hour strikes tonight. Maybe nothing, for all I know.

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With that large paragraph out of the way, I have left myself with half an hour to do, nothing quite yet. I've spent most of this afternoon watching more episodes of Ghost Hunters and copying that entire series (to date) to my backup external drive, meanwhile, I should've let those copy and gone to have a shower, then cleaned my room, because I've needed to do both since I got home from work yesterday, but somehow still haven't, even though I was up 'til 8am. I'm not sure how it constantly gets so messy, because it seems I mention having to clean it two or three times a week, but wrapping Christmas presents is part of what needs to be cleaned up after this time. As mentioned before, I started off planning to wrap just one gift then call it a night, but by the time I was finished, I had gone through... more (eleven, to be exact), and they're all piled up out in the open right now, which is fine for enticing people who may walk past when the door is open and wonder what's inside of them, but not for keeping this place clean. Maybe I should just end this here and go take care of those. I would really like to be able to come home from work tonight and work on finishing my Hypermode file in Metroid Echoes, but there are other things to do first. Time to get busy~