November 15th, 2011

I Miss the Quiet

Being reasonable and calm says that I should just try to wait this out, because they're bound to stop eventually, but impatience and irritation say that I should just go outside right now and tell the people working on the building just down the street to knock it off. I can't wait until Winter, for the conditions to make continuing work on that building presumably unfeasible, because a full morning of quiet would truly be splendid right about now. Between them doing whatever they're doing over there, and the residents (or so I assume) of the apartment next door never failing to get in some work on it in the morning, I have not had an uninterrupted sleep for quite a while. That being said, I did sleep in for about half an hour longer than normal today, but the current issue is that those noises and physical vibrations are getting to be extremely distracting, even though my room, which is where I am right now, is ironically the easiest place in this house for me to concentrate in. I guess I'll just have to try to make do though. It's after 5 already, so it makes sense to think that they'll be gone soon.

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The final thing I think I want to write about today is work last night - in particular, Manoah. From the moment I walked in, it was apparent that he was in a bad mood, but he wouldn't immediately say why. When the time came for me to change into my uniform and start my shift proper, he asked me a series of irritated questions, which were along the lines of thinking himself a fair manager, and wondering if I felt the same way. Brandon was up front then as well, and had also been extremely quiet from the first time I walked in, so I assumed it had something to do with him, only for it to eventually come out much later that Manoah had actually been mostly upset with James for not washing his dishes, and generally not doing the work he (Manoah) asked of him, which is completely understandable. I tried to recommend he talk to Melissa, but he repeatedly said that wouldn't do anything. If he were to give James a write-up, that would almost certainly be conveniently lost somewhere, and talking directly to Melissa about the issue and asking her to do something about it wouldn't help, because she apparently just doesn't care enough or somesuch. I can understand his position - feeling like you're the only one to realizes that things need to get done - but I wasn't sure what else to tell him. Go to one of the district managers? He said they would just tell him to talk to Melissa about it. Write people up if they've done something wrong, or don't do what you ask them to, even though Melissa would just ignore it? I worded that then by saying "Oh, James has been written up ten times in the past month? Something must be wrong!", which he got a bit of a laugh out of, but more or less I was trying to show that if what he's doing now isn't working, then he needs to try something else, even if it comes to giving Melissa an ultimatum. The example of that I gave was telling her that she either needed to get things back in order, or he would either step down (which she apparently really doesn't want to let him do), or flat-out quit. It's extreme, yes, but again, if your previous methods aren't working, sooner or later you'll have to "pull out the big guns". In the end, he thanked me for listening, and I hope also thanked Brandon for washing his dishes, and by the time 11:00 came around, we were having a normal fun night again. One particular remark I can remember is me telling him that in his world, hell must be full of handbaskets, because he constantly refers to people going "to hell in a handbasket", and yes. Again, though, that is what I enjoy. Talking to people, and trying to help them sort out their problems. The last serious thing I said to him before he wanted to try playing a song in DJMAX was that he has two options. One is to try approaching the problems that came up last night from a different direction, and the other is to not do anything, and just wait for those events to repeat themselves in the future. Which option do you personally think is better?

I'm off to wash dishes now though, and then to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my night. Quite possibly walk up to Food Basics for ice cream pizza ingredients, then stop at work on my way home for my pay stub, but I also don't know if I want to go anywhere. Dishes first, and I'll think about the rest afterward~