November 29th, 2011

What Did I Walk In To?

From when I went downstairs until just before I had to leave for work this afternoon, things were pretty much normal. Ericka was asking many questions about Skyward Sword, and I was really getting sick and tired of it when trying to fight The Imprisoned, but I managed to get past that, and saved just after returning the flying saucer-like object found in Lanayru Desert to its owner. Following that, I saved, went upstairs to quickly tidy up my room before heading out, and as part of that, carried my (then empty) water bottles down to the kitchen to fill them up, and walked in on a very odd conversation that Adam, Trish, Mom, and Dad were having. I didn't catch enough of it to get a proper understanding of what was going on, but I did hear Trish say "I know there are good spirits and bad spirits", and talking about how in certain places back at home, she can detect different smells that are directly linked with either of her grandparents. Weird enough as that was, it was made even stranger by the obvious seriousness shown when Adam brought Ericka out to the living room and turned the Wii on for her so she could play Mario Party and not be affected by what they were discussing, as well as Trish, while she was still in the living room doing something on her laptop, saying that she had decided to just say "I heard something" whenever she heard something from then on, but I didn't think it anything serious at the time. Just as I thought to myself on the way home, that is an interesting, albeit surprising coincidence. Here I am taking an interest in several shows about the paranormal, and all of a sudden it's being discussed in a very real context by members of my immediate family? Quite peculiar, but Trish, Ericka, and possibly Adam are going back to the states today, so they'll be well on their way before I have a chance to ask or hear anything about that they were discussing.

To ask the same question from a different angle now, I would like to know what I walked into at work tonight. Most everything looked normal at first glance - the front counter was exceptionally clean, but that's because there's an audit coming up on Wednesday - and Ang was even at the back washing dishes when I went into the bathroom to change into my uniform. Upon beginning my shift and stocking / cleaning the drive through area though, something... unfortunate happened to the sprayer on the dish sink. The water pressure had plummeted to the point where barely a trickle would come out of the head, even with the handle fully depressed, so what did I have to do? Not fix the thing, oh no. I tried. Orlando tried. Warren tried. Then Laura, seemingly having not noticed our combined efforts, said that with the three of us guys there, we should be able to figure something out, but said outcome was not realized. Instead, I had to use the hose which is normally only used to fill up the wash sink, which worked pretty well, and I'm glad to have discovered a second use for, because now, if ever the sprayer should break again, I don't have to worry about not knowing what to do. I only wish I could say that was tonight's only problem, but in reality, it wasn't. The other was Laura herself, who I just found really trying to be around. Maybe the only reason I was jovial and friendly with her on the weekend was because Tom was there as well, and I was subconsciously trying to show him that we got along with each other, but she didn't particularly like him. Far-fetched idea? Very yes, but it's an idea all the same.

Unfortunately, I am going to end this entry early as well, because it's almost 9am, and I'm still next to wide awake and not in need of sleep, even though there are only a couple days until I have to wake up early to get my hair cut, which is going to be physically painful at this rate. I may have some running around to do tomorrow night, or I could just wait for a bit longer because one of the places I need to go to will probably be open at 9am. If only that weren't one step closer to staying up until it would be too late to go to bed...