December 3rd, 2011

Knew That Was Coming's not that I'm disappointed with myself, but I am terribly conflicted. On one hand, I went out to Walmart after work last night which was extremely enjoyable, but on the other, I spent well more than I expected to, which isn't sitting well with the ~$60 Paypal transaction Brandon asked me to make last week, and other expenses that I still have to consider. All told, I was expecting to spend anywhere from fifty to seventy dollars, so imagine my surprise when I went to the checkout, and learned that I had $115.28 worth of items in my little buggy (one of their smaller-sized carts). Although now that I notice it, something in Easyweb is weird. Today is clearly only the third of December, yet both of my purchases last night are filed under the fifth. Curious, but I digress. $115 just... poof, and gone, but I still feel it was mostly worthwhile. Going down the receipt, here is everything that I bought:

Collapse )

As you can see, I didn't buy anything really unnecessary. The USB stick might be seen as such, but I wanted that because the 4GB one I have for reinstallation stuff is getting low on remaining space, and it made more sense to get a new one after seeing in the flyer, and knowing I would be going out there anyway, than waiting until I actually needed it. Unfortunately (and this is most unfortunate), I was unable to find the very first, and most important item on my list. It would've been another Christmas gift, but as it is now, I have to either look at Zellers or some other place, or possibly postpone certain plans in Toronto to go to the zoo sooner than previously discussed. Or I could just... (I really don't want to say this) go out there on my own on Thursday or Friday, because Dan made it clear that while he'd like to do things with me too, I'm more than welcome to go out on my own for a bit if I want, and while I would be at mercy of the bus route there possibly having changed since Summertime, it would be a little quicker to just go there, look for (and hopefully get) what I need, then head home. Still a good four hours, even in a best-case scenario, but I have other places to look at here before thinking about whether or not I should resort to that.

As for work and related matters last night, it was long, and for the last hour or so, very tense. Sometime prior to 2am, Orlando had been complaining about the Christmas music, and going on saying that he was getting tired of it, so Laura tuned into a Country station instead, and he started right back up again. Because of that, with the first opportunity that I had, I went directly to the back and turned the radio completely off. I believe it stayed off for the rest of the night after that, too, and unless there was some other reason for it, that's why things were kind of tense. Laura got really quiet and irritable-looking, which led to us trying to stay out of each others' way, but then, when we actually closed, the mood somehow lightened right back up again. For a one-time thing, that would be unremarkable, but all I can think now is that we still have two nights next weekend with Melissa, which apparently might be busier than normal, as indicated by the note over them on that schedule. Joy and all that, but I've done it before, so I should be able to do it again.

I'm now off to call Manoah at work to see if he has money for me today though, and after that, to see if there's still any possibility of going out to Value Village. And Zellers after that, in all likelihood, or maybe we could go to that place first, and Value Village second. I need to find out if we can still go at all before I get ahead of myself though~