December 16th, 2011

All the Rattling Worries Me

Still, this is nice, in a different kind of way. I'm out on the balcony right now, laying on the couch, laptop propped up on my legs, trying not to be too distracted by the wind and various other noises. It was and is actually quite windy out today. I went out to a nearby 24-hour grocery store for some supper about an hour ago, and had to really push through a couple different times, just because it was that strong. Strangely, I have seen no rain to speak of yet, but for all I know, that might still be coming. All in all though, I've once again enjoyed most of today.

I can't speak for either Dan or Xion, but woke up a couple minutes after 1pm, and went out into the living room to watch a movie with Dan, which brought us up to ~3, at which point I called EB Games to ask about exchanging my copy of Super Mario 3D Land. The person I spoke to said that would be fine, so I suggested going out to get groceries at 4, which was pretty much unanimously agreed upon. As it turned out, however, we didn't actually leave until closer to 4:30, and had some other errands to take care of first as well. Xion had some business at the bank to deal with, and there was also mail to be dropped off, then we randomly went out for supper first, which is one of the things I still need to get used to. To my mind, if I make plans to go somewhere, they're to go take care of whatever I need to, and most likely to go straight home afterward, because I don't like unnecessarily spending time walking around without a purpose, or engaging in things that would take time away from other plans, meanwhile they seem to feel the opposite way. Going out is treated as an all-afternoon or all-evening affair, and I just can't see the appeal to that. That being said, I still had fun, because shortly after we arrived at the restaurant, Dan said he would pay, and it was nice just getting to sit down and have a proper meal with them again. I feel like I'm opening up a little - I'm more chatty and generally am trying to be more engaging this time, and as we weren't all in the same room at home for more than half an hour today, the best chance we had to talk was while out for supper.

After that, we went straight up to Cloverdale Mall, at my request, where I didn't get the results I was hoping for. The salesperson - the same guy who rang up my purchases the first time I went there - opened up and tried a brand new copy of Super Mario 3D Land on my 3DS, and it didn't work. Then he tried it on a display model, and it did. Therefore, my current assumption is that the system itself is messed up. What would make that easier to determine is if I had a third game to try it with, but for the moment, the only one I have access to is Chris's flashcart, and it doesn't work because I didn't update the software on it before updating the 3DS's firmware. As such, my plans for tomorrow are to try calling Nintendo first to see if they can offer any assistance (outside of having the console repaired / replaced), then going back to EB Games, because the guy I spoke to (knowing his name would help) said he'd ask the store manager to give Super Mario 3D Land a try on his 3DS, because he has the same kind I do. If it works, well, my only hope is that I can exchange what I bought on Wednesday for another Zelda edition, because I like having one of the non-standard varieties. I unfortunately cannot see any way that I would be able to keep the Ocarina of Time 3D card I have right now though, which is a letdown because I just made it to the transition from young to adult Link tonight. My difficulties aside though, the story about the night continues. After wrapping things up at EB Games, we went over to Zellers, were Dan bought a glass baking pan and bowl, as he said he would. I worry that the bowl might be too big, but if need be, I'll just run out to the same place I went for early morning supper tonight to get the ingredients needed to make a double batch. Anyway, from there we went over to the Bell store, because Xion had some questions about his phone, then back to the Bell store because he had another question which they didn't seem to like (how much the cancellation fee for his contract was), and as we were passing by another phone store, one of the people inside overhead him, and came out to give him an offer that even sounded tempting to me, and is a win / win compared to his current situation. I can't remember the exact details though, so I won't attempt to include them in here, and instead just say that he (Xion) said he was thinking about it, and could understand what the guy was saying and felt that he was being truthful, but as soon as we got home, he went back into his room, and has been there since. now appears that I'm never going to get to what I want to say, so instead of trying to write chronologically about what happened up to that point, I'll jump right to saying that Dan paid for all of my groceries. All ~$100 of them, which I was absolutely speechless at. I did say I would find some way to repay him, such as by buying pizza for the party that's being planned for Saturday, or just giving him cash to pay him back, but it didn't come up again until right before I went out to the grocery store. As I was getting my things together to head out, I told him "Thank you for supper though, and I appreciate you paying for my groceries, but I will find some way to repay you". He simply said that he likes having me visit, which ties in with something else he said back when we were leaving Food Basics. I was trying to come up with some way to pay him back, and a suggestion he gave me was saving it and putting it toward a train ticket to visit again. Really? We have done precious little aside from just sitting around at home thus far (which I'm fine with so long as he and Xion are), and yet I'm already wanted back again? I don't even have words to describe how that makes me feel. There is a very tiny part of me that says "Maybe he's just being nice", but I don't want to give that thought even the tiniest unit of measurement to grow. I still will find something to do for him, be it as simple as treating them to supper again before heading back to the train station on the 23rd, but in the meantime, I still don't know what to say. Just... wow.

I'm cutting this entry off here though, because I want to be in bed somewhat earlier tonight, as I want tomorrow to be baking day #1, along with making another trip back to EB Games and maybe stopping in at Taco Bell for supper, as I want to do that just once while I'm here. I also want to get in a bit more Ocarina of Time as well, and if you'll excuse the pun, I'm rapidly running out (of time). Maybe I can be into the Forest Temple by the time I call it a night...